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Sarah asks:
I am getting very frustrated with my hair and the fact it just doesnít get any longer. It is currently just above my shoulders. I have not had my haircut for five and a half years in an attempt to grow it and yet every time I see friends Iím greeted with "oh youíve had your haircut" and indeed if I look at photos from a couple of years ago my hair definitely is shorter now. Every time I wash my hair I do lose rather a lot of hair, but that has always happened since I was young. I wash my hair every two days, more if I have been at the gym. I use a hair treatment every time I wash, normal conditioner just causes my hair to be dry and frizzy. I always wear my hair down except for at the gym, I use oil on it when I have washed it on towel dried hair and I must admit I do use hair straighteners most days. I also have highlights which I only do about every six months. I have tried a multitude of things to try and make it grow, various shampoos and conditioners, I use coconut oil on it once a week which I leave on for several hours before washing out. I sleep on a silk pillow case. I use a good hair brush and donít brush my hair too often. I have tried taking hair and nail vitamin supplements, nothing seems to work. I know my hair does grow because my highlights get roots but the ends just seem to break off and I just donít know what to do. The problem seems worse on one side of my face than the other, the hair on the right side directly next to my face seems to grow a bit but then it doesnít match the other side of my face so I have to trim it to match. I am a 36 year old woman in need of advice. Thank you.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Sarah

This is a baffling one, We do always advise if you want to grow your hair get at least the ends taken off 3 /4 times per year, this ensures that the hair is keep in the best condition and doesnít thin out to much at the bottom due to the normal chemical, mechanical and environmental damage. As a rough idea hair is about 1 year old from root to the top of your ears so then you can work out how old your hair is. Every individual person and their hair have different life spans and so there is a possibility that your is 5 years and thatís as much as your hair will grow. You seem to have covered most of my suggestions which are of course use the best products possible, donít tie hair up or back to tightly, Do regular hair treatments, donít over process with chemicals and consider taking supplements. Can I suggest you get a trim, review your diet again, see below for details and try this particular supplement for at least 3 months, it is proven to help strengthen and help hair grow and has the relevant proteins. If after 3 months itís not improved I would suggest consulting a trichologist as they maybe able to help. ...More >

Good luck

The benefits of hair supplements?
Itís a fact that 1 in 3 women have hair loss and thinning hair concerns - Diffuse hair loss caused by severe stress, medication or poor diet being one of the most common.
Years ago we would have been advised to eat a cube of jelly to improve our hair and nails, not actually a myth as Jelly made with gelatin, a tasteless protein is capable of providing some of the essential amino acids that human hair is made up of, as well as the ability to renew cells.

As hair is 91% protein and constructed of 16 amino acids combined with the fact that hair and nails are the last body parts to receive vital nutrients most of us that want to improve the quality and health of our hair need additional support.
They work by being absorbed into your digestive system providing the essential amino acids the hair requires.
You would need to take a supplement for at least 3 months to really notice and feel a difference, generally 2 per day and they work directly during the íAnagení(growing phase of the hairs natural cycle).
I strongly recommend Hair Jelly protein capsules with their Sulphur rich amino acids, they really do the job and are suitable for vegetarians.

Diet really does make a difference

Your hair and nails are the last parts of your body to receive nutrients, so listed below are the foods that your will you for eating. They provide all the essential ingredients and amino acids that feed and condition your hair and scalp from the inside out!

Sweet Almonds - Vitamin H (Biotin) helps with repair to Keratin damage (structure of hair shaft)

Red meat, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Beans, Dark green veg, Dried Raisins & Apricots - Iron

Tuna, Cheese. Eggs, Beef, Liver, Mackerel - Vitamin D

Low fat yogurt, Milk, Oysters, Spinach, Pumpkin seeds. Mushrooms. Lemon grass. Wasabi, Green peas. Blackberries, Dates, Green tea, Sun dried tomatoes and dates - Zinc

Other good foods - potatoes, eggs, onion, tomatoes, peanuts, walnuts, carrots, salmon, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, oats, banana, raspberries, watermelon, grapefruit. Cucumber - Selenium, B12, Folates & Minerals

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