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Undercut for Boys

Undercut for Boys

September, 2015 (New York, NY) Ė One of the few ways young boys express themselves is through their hair Ė they donít really get into clothes, makeup and jewelry too much, so hair is where itís at. So, when a young boy entered the salon armed with a pair of super cool shades and the request to look cool, Giuseppina Ferrarelli, stylist at De La Mer Salon (Bellmore, NY), knew the seriousness of the matter.

My young guest came in with sunglasses and all. He explained, "I want to look cool and have this haircut, because look how awesome it is!" He showed me his reference picture he and his mom found on Pinterest and he was referring to the undercut,Ē says Ferrarelli.

ďThe undercut is good for all hair types and is easy to style. Some refer to it as the bowl cut, but if you modify it for face shape and texture, and style it properly, it can be on point and very hip,Ē she adds.


1.Comb all hair forward leaving it lying down. Using clippers with a number 2 or 3 blade, buzz around the head stopping 2 inches above the occipital bone and at the temple for the sides.

2. Use shears for the top, starting in the back of the head, take vertical sections at 45 degrees direct forward.

3. Part hair to the preferred side and create layers directing back. The top is left medium length working with hairís natural flow. The line dividing the back and sides isnít smooth, which creates contrast between upper and lower levels of the head.

4. Use a peanut clipper around the hairline for a clean cut finish.

Style: The hair on the top is styled either slicked back or to the side at an angle. Apply a quarter size of Goldwell Style Sign Lagoom Jam Volume Gel on towel dried hair, then hand dry it slightly running fingers through hair so it is slightly textured, not so polished and perfect.