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Short and Sweet Hair

Colin Greaney, International Creative Director, Mahogany Hairdressing

Short hair is high on the hair agenda this season and is working for all ages. Big, beautiful hair has a glamorous feel but the likes of and Dame Helen Mirren prove that a shorter style is just as glam! Take Audrey Hepburn, possibly one of the most beautiful movie stars of all time is known for her short cropped style. Itís time to accept that sometimes, just sometimes, bigger is not better!

Short and Sweet HairA-lister Charlize Theronís short little gamine shape is perfect and breath-taking. Itís refreshing to see a strong haircut on a movie star instead of the normal volumised, big blowdry hair.

A very short crop can look strikingly beautiful, and as Charlize shows, all you need is some wax or texturiser to make it red-carpet worthy. In this particular look sheís slicked back her fringe for a very simple, but statement style.

The Jean Seberg crop is timeless, contemporary and stunning. This is one of the most popular shapes you will see walking out of a Mahogany front door during the course of a week. And also, as a test of time, this iconic look obviously must have inspired Emma Watson!

Celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams and Miley Cyrus are experimenting with different styles and keeping the cropped style looking young and fresh. Miley is embracing a 90s inspired androgynous look punk cut, which she exaggerates by crimping and spiking it. I love that sheís stepped away from the typical Hollywood glamour look and embraced the short crop.

The way to keep your short hair looking fabulous is by using the right products, I love OSiS+ Upload volume cream from Schwarzkopf Professional for loads of lift and OSiS+ Dust It for creating subtle, matt texture.

For anyone thinking short hair is boring Ė donít! Short hair is super versatile just like its long hair counterpart ó itís funky, grungy, sophisticated, elegant, and you can take it in endless directions suiting your mood; messy, slick, tousled, the choice is yours!

Colin Greaney
A driven perfectionist, Colin is one of the industryís most exacting creative professionals. Ambassador and guardian of one of the UKís longest standing and internationally recognised hairdressing brands, Colin is responsible for the high standards of technique and distinctive style achieved throughout his company. His past achievements include title wins for London and Southern Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards and his work brings beauty and versatility to every head of hair he touches.

Colin personally pioneers Mahoganyís company-wide education system plus the production of photographic collections and educational DVDís. His patient manner, focus and depth of expertise make him a gifted stage educator capable of quickly communicating real skill to his audiences. Colin consistently shares his unique consultative approach to hairdressing, translating the needs of salon clients and education customers into exceptional style. Above all, Colin stands out for his deep understanding of the aesthetic relationship between form, colour, texture, personality and lifestyle. Colin delights in sharing his knowledge and skill and works closely with Schwarzkopf Professional as one of their selected education ambassadors.