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Beyonce PobSo it looks like she has a new Do ... Again!

Queen Bey is know for her big hair, but recently we have seen her change her look Twice in the space of a week.

She first posts two pictures of her new short pixie crop on Instagram but just a few days later she headlined at V Festival with the Pob. Either her hair grows extremely fast or she has great extensions hey?

The Pob was first made popular by Victoria Beckham, it was the hairstyle of the moment in 2006 with everyone asking their hairdresser to replicate the haircut. I think as a hairdresser it's great to finally see some short hair on such a big sensation like Beyonce.

It's normally expected from the likes of Rhianna as she changes her hair all the time but not Beyonce. Everyone is talking about Mrs Carters hair at the minute. She is such an icon and this plants a seed into the heads of girls and women globally. It all promotes change and encourages more people to think about their style and the looks they wish to achieve, both with cut and colour!

The PobA common question I get asked is, "does this suite my face shape"?

So what is the perfect face shape for the Pob you may ask? I would say the heart shape is most suitable for this style, but fear not if you don't have this face shape you can't still sport the Beyonce bob. It just has to be tailored to you, the consultation is key. Work closely with your hairdresser ask questions, look at style books and listen to the advise given to you.

The only faces and features I would say this hairstyle would be unsuited to would be a client with a strong jaw line or a wide round face. Most other face shapes can be modified to balance out the face. By leaving the front longer this will soften the features of the face but on the other hand if you go shorter this will sharpen up the style. So these are things to take into consideration when talking to your stylist to pick the perfect Pob.

Products and styling advice.

To achieve a sleek straight bob I would recommend you use a walnut size amount of Electric Smoothing Cream into towel dried hair. Smooth the hair by using a big round brush and finish with a tiny amount of Electric Serum.

To achieve more of a beachy alternative look I would sprits Electric Volume Mist into the root when wet. Blast dry the hair up side down then once the hair is 100% dry use a styling wand, warping the hair in sections back off the face. Then finish by sprinkling Loreal Techni Art Texture dust into the roots, shake and go.

Patrick Wilson x

Patrick WilsonPatrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson currently working at Electric Hairdressing, Harvey Nichols.

I'm a young up and coming hairdresser based in Liverpool. Part of the Loreal Professionel I.D. artist team a program that was set up to nurture and develop young talent.

I'm one of the few hairdressers from around the country that represent Loreal as a company at industry events and on stage at shows and conventions. This year I have been lucky enough to have worked backstage at shows on London Fashion Week.

This is one of my passions, I love everything about shows, shoots and platform work. Also a finalist in the Shu Uemura Muse Image Of The Year Awards, which I was lucky enough to do a photoshoot with India Miller and will be featured in Tribute Magazine in September Issue.