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Veronica Lake Finger Wave

Warren Holmes
International Creative Director, Nicky Clarke Salons
Backstage Stylist of the Year 2012 and 2013, The Hair Awards

One of the biggest trends around at the moment is a classic that never stays away for long and is the Veronica Lake finger wave. This is a look I personally love and have created for a few celebrities on the red carpet.

Jessica Chastain has adopted the trend as her signature style and wore it perfectly at Cannes last week. Normally the finish is polished to perfection but she opted for a more relaxed feel, which was ideal for 50th anniversary viewing of Cleopatra at the film festival. Throughout the decades, models and celebrities have all chosen the finger wave as a look for a red carpet events because it is a very sexy, feminine look which highlights' the neck and simultaneously doesn't distract from jewelery, if the correct neckline is worn.

At The Oscars this year Kelly Osbourne, Megan Fox and Isla Fisher all chose this trend but Jessica Alba smashed it for me. Her delicate ombré colour effect highlighted the definition of the wave to make a seriously hot statement.
Veronica Lake Finger Wave

The way this look is kept bang on trend season after season is all in the finish. We have seen that multi-textured hair is hot this summer and this can be applied to the finger wave also. Hair around the face should be sleek, well defined and polished but as the wave gets passed the jawline it becomes a little more relaxed, disheveled almost. This 'bedhead' look created through the mid-length and ends makes the style appear looser, which gives a softer, sexier edge and can be easily achieved using the right product.

I would start creating the look by applying the Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse from the roots to the ends and combing it through until it is evenly distributed. Once the hair has been blow-dried smooth with volume at the roots use the Nicky Clarke Classic Compact Rollers and bring the hair out at right angles from the forehead and wrap the hair around the roller. The next section needs to join with the corner of the previous one. Done correctly, on a diagonal side parting it will match up with the back of the parting. Apply the heated roller and continue working in diamond sections around the head.

Once the rollers have cooled gently remove them and you will see the finger wave formed. Gently brush the hair downwards using a large wide toothcomb, and glide into place. Next comes that part which keeps this look fresh. Apply a small amount of the Nicky Clarke Tease Me to your fingertips and rub into the mid-length hair to 'rough' it up. This produces an 'undone' effect that combines the classic beauty of the finger wave with an on trend finish for summer.