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Syran’s Tips for hassle free Wedding day hair!

Every bride should feel nothing short of heart-thumping gratitude and affection for her stylist on her big day. Here’s the secret to great wedding-day hair: Work it all out in rehearsal.

Pace yourself. Schedule your hair trial three months before the wedding. If you book it too early in the planning process, changing trends or indecisive thoughts could lead to one unhappy bride.

Wash and dry your hair beforehand to avoid spending the majority of your trial getting a blowdry. If volume is required for the final style, heated rollers, wands, etc are to be used on dry hair.

Wear makeup. schedule your makeup trial to happen right before the hair trial as applying foundation after the hair has been completed may leave traces around the hairline (which is a no no on the wedding day, especially if the camera catches it on photographs)

Bring visuals. Pinterest board is a great way to research hairstyles for your perfect wedding hair —anything from a photo of your dress to the flowers you’ll be carrying—to give to your stylist for guidance.

See what works. hair accessories (veil, comb, etc.) Take everything that you plan to wear in your hair to your trial hair appointment. so you can experiment with them. Take photos of each hairstyle (expect to try out three options) from different angles.

Be specific about what you want. When something goes awry on the wedding day, it’s usually because the bride was vague in explaining or assuming the stylist can read her mind.

Tips for hassle free Wedding day hairPre care for fantastic conditioned wedding day hair!

Oiling your hair before washing and conditioning them after every wash is a must! This is absolutely imperative for having healthy, shiny hair.

- Since during the functions you will definitely be subjecting your hair to styling, spare it from any chemical or heat treatments before the special days.

- Last, but not the least, eat healthy!
When it comes to healthy hair, it’s not just what you put on your tresses that count – it’s what you put in your body, too.