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Three Days of Gorgeous Festival Hair

Courtesy of the talented team at Architect Hair Salon, Headingley, we show you how to keep your hair looking gorgeous from the fresh start of the festival until the grubby end.

Every girl’s worst nightmare is living without straighteners and the thought of surviving at the festival without them is sometimes too much to bear.

Your festival hair survival kit should consist of a hair brush, hairspray, dry shampoo, a few kirby grips and if you follow these suggestions you should look fabulous from start to finish:

Three Days of Gorgeous Festival HairDay One: Tousled Curls

Fabulous full hair and tousled waves are perfect to kick start the festival screaming boho-chic big bouncing curls are a perfect look to start the festival with.

Get the look:

Using a 30mm tong, simply wrap large sections of hair around the barrel, ensuring that the curls areaway from the face, working anti-clockwise on the left, then clockwise on the right.

When you have finished curling, using fingertips loosely separate curls with fingertips to achieve that sultry boho look, finishing off with some firm hold hairspray.

Day Two: Curly Up Do

Make the most of the curls left in your hair on day two by putting it up in a curly up-do. Sleek and simple, with the option to add hair accessories, this look capsulates the festival vibe.

Get the look:

Comb through the sides of your hair to achieve a smooth sleek finish around your face. Twisting and pinning the hair to create a curly up do. Finish the look with hairspray to ensure that your curls stay in place, whilst you dance your way through day two.

Day Three: Fish Tail Plait

Lots of dry shampoo will be required on the last day of the festival, which in turn gives a perfect base to create a fish-tail plait. For a hassle free last day and night this pretty style is perfect.

Get the look:

After splitting your hair in two sections, start plaiting each section separately, starting loosely from the top of the head to tighter at the bottom. Finishing off with hairspray.

The premier league stylists at The Architect Hair Blow Dry Bar are on hand to help you hit the festival looking gorgeous. Each appointment will last just half an hour and priced at £22.00 and longer sessions are available if required. Call 0113 275 5884 to book your appointment now.