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Secret of Lovely Hair - give your old tools the brush off

Secret of Lovely HairHere at UKHairdressers we receive lots of emails and queries about your hair problems. How often have you prepared for a big night out or a special occasion and been disappointed with the results? You may have bought a new outfit, some matching killer heels and treated yourself to a manicure. So far so good! But itís not every week you can afford to get that Ďjust out of the saloní hair, so you do-it-yourself and wonder why your hair never seems to look like the crowning glory you know it could be!

The answer is a bit like the one used in the break-up of a long relationship which has simply run its course: ďItís not you, itís me!Ē

The truth isÖ itís probably the tools you are using! The big difference between effortless salon styled hair and hair that lets you down is the Professional tools they use. So it may be time to look closely at your relationship with your ailing hair tools and give them the brush off. Start looking for professional replacements that are all about making you love your hair again.
Lovely Hair
Professional Hair Dryers like Parlux, Corioliss and Babyliss Pro, dry hair quickly and efficiently, many are ionic reducing frizz and flyaways. They have the best nozzles too for getting the most out of your hair.

The new age of Professional Straighteners such as Cloud Nine, Corioliss, Amika all have variable temperature control, so you use just the right temperature for your hair type. Their special plates glide through your hair and give a mirror shine.

Professional Curling Wands by Corioliss, Babyliss Pro are the salon choice for creating gorgeous curls and waves.

Take a close look at your Styling Brush too, if itís full of snagged hair and is more of a hindrance that a help, why not look at the Spornette professional range of brushes. Thereís ceramic round styling brushes with aerated centres to heat up and speed drying time, paddle brushes for long hair and evenly distributing your styling product through the hair. Little teasing brushes to style up or down with sectioning handles, the days of making do with just one brush for the different stages of drying, straightening and curling are long gone ó make your life easier and get the right tool for the job and start reaping the rewards.