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Rocking that Party hair

Rocking that Party hair
Thereís always a special do or party on the horizon, so donít forget about your hair and start preparing for those upcoming celebrations! Let the good times roll...

Hereís a few tips to give you the heads-up on the latest hot party looks.

Full and voluminous, thatís what the party season is all about this year. To get the best results, start with clean, freshly washed hair.
Shampoo thoroughly, but ease off on conditioning masks, as super-soft hair is too slippery and wonít hold when youíre tonging or curling.

You can use a little every day conditioner at the ends to deal with dehydration, but donít put it too close to the scalp or root.

After rinsing thoroughly, towel-dry and apply a root boosting spray or a good mousse to add plenty of body and texture. Then start your styling by blow drying with your head turned upside down.

This dries the roots away from the scalp and creates more body. For the best results use a professional quality hairdryer, 2000 watts or over, for a smoother finish.

Once dry, brush through and use a large barrelled wand to add movement and curl. The most effective way to use a wand is to position it at the roots, near your scalp, then wrap your hair around the stationary wand. This creates volume at the roots rather than pulling it flat against your head (which happens when you wind the other way, from the end of the hair upwards). As you remove the wand from each rolled up curl, clip it in place to cool, while you do your make-up.

The benefit of keeping the wand near the root is twofold, because it also means the ends of the hair are left a little straighter, which is the Ďon trendí way of styling (think Maria in Coronation Street).

When youíre ready, remove the clips and brush through until you get the look you want. If you want a little extra height, section off the top layer of hair and then, gently but firmly, backcomb the roots to create lift, while keeping the ends perfectly styled.

Finally, just a light fixing spray or if you feel too curly, finish with a spritz of shine spray which are lightly oil based and a little heavier than hairsprays, this will take the edge off any OTT curls.