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Nadine Coyle

THE other shining star in Girls Aloud - who shone way before Cheryl was even noticed - was the gorgeous Nadine Cole.

By HANNAH MLATEM @ Celebrity Hairstyles

Nadine Coyle

The style sheís wearing here is so now. There is lots of tone and depth in her colour. Itís past the summer ombre to a classy autumn multi-dimensional look.

Does it have dress down/dress up options?

Long is always versatile. Not only can you dress it down and up, it can take you from day to night in just the move of a kirby grip! You can scoop it all up for the office then take them out, tip your head upside down and voila - fullness and waves to die for. You can always add a little side French plait to have a bit of fun with it too.

Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc

This style always looks great on thick long hair because you can get your stylist to razor in texture and layers. I love using my cut-throat open blade on thick hair for styles like this to add plenty of movement.

High or low maintenance?

It can be what you want it to be maintenance wise. If you always want it to look like Nadineís here then it will be high maintenance. You have to take the effort to blow dry and style your hair. If you donít mind mixing the look up a bit then itís such a fabulous low maintenance style. Two words: messy bun!

What face shapes best suit this style?

This style is great for oval and round faces. It adds length and flatters around the face. I never really advise long hair on longer face types unless thereís plenty of layering and shape to break it up and a fringe is a must.

Any important blow dry/styling tips?

I think your secret weapon for this style and to achieve the Nadine volume is rollers! Obviously you need plenty of volume first otherwise you wonít get the lift at the root. I recommend a good strong hold mousse - my favourite for a blow out like this is No Inhibition texturising and volumising foam. Put a golf ball sized amount in your wrist, dip your comb in and comb it through sections of your hair. This will smooth the cuticle and give a nice sleek finish - especially on the roots where Nadineís is super smooth.

Best products for the style and colour?

Grab a volume shampoo, a good mousse, serum and gel spray.

How to style:
  • Wash your hair twice. You want it squeaky clean and ready for volume!

  • If you need conditioner try and just use it on your mid-lengths and ends and always brush it through.

  • Towel dry and comb through your mousse.

  • If youíve got curlier or wavy hair I would add a pea-sized amount of a good argan oil through your hair at this point to keep the flyaways at bay.

  • If you can - take medium size sections (about the width of your hand) and starting from the nape of your neck, use a large round brush and dry the sections. When you get to the end of a section, roll the brush until the hair wraps around once and leave it for a few seconds before unrolling. This will give you a fabulous full curl.

  • Once youíve dried all your hair, apply a light serum through the top section making sure there are no flyaways. If you want it curlier then now is the time to add your roller.
I do this anyway because I LOVE big hair! Just take a medium size roller, take a two inch section starting from the back (crown) and roll AWAY from your face. Before you roll, spritz a gel spray on each section (hairspray can be too sticky). Once youíve done the top - put your hairdryer on for a minute and leave to cool.

Take them out carefully and, using your fingers or a wide tooth comb, break up the sections so you get a tousled look.

A really good tip if youíre going out at the end of the day is to - after following the above steps - lightly pin it all up. When you take it out at the end of the day it will look amazing! Also, if you only have time for the rollers - do the wash and blow dry the night before. The water in your hair would have totally evaporated and your curls will stay longer. To enhance the shape of this style ask your colourist to add lighter or darker depths throughout the ends of your layers or just around your face.