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Mens hair trends

Looking forward at what is in fashion for men for the rest of the year is quite difficult to pinpoint exactly whatís going to be in and whatís not. Mens hair trends havenít changed much over the last few seasons. We have seen that classic hairstyles have been the way to wear your hair whether itís slick or not.

The exciting part of researching whatís up and coming is that when we look at what fashion houses are predicting we can see a massive difference between everyones idea of whatís going to be happening next. I find this really exciting as I feel that things are really going to change.

So, here are a few key looks that I predict are going to be big over the rest of 2013. Itís all about being individual and wearing our hair to suit the clothes that we wear. The whole 90ís look is going to be huge so I predict we may even see a few more guys with colour in their hair again! The choice of products we will be using will change too. Guys have been styling their hair with Matt products for some time so itís good to see more shine products being used so itís time to invest in some new styling products like Pomades, waxes and even the good old classic gel.

Look 1. Mens hair trendsSome guys have gone more extreme with their styles by clippering the sides really tight and high whilst maintaining length through the top. This cut is perfect for any hair type or texture, whether itís straight and slicked back or wavy and left to do itís own thing! This style is going to be very popular for the festivals season as it requires little maintenance. Hair can be styled using Kevin Murphy Super Goo or American Crew Superglue.
Look 2. Mens Long hair trendsIn contrast to the extremely short haircuts, there is the longer and fuller hairstyle like Harry Styles and George Shelley ( that guy from Union J ). This style works best with naturally wavy hair and shouldnít be over styled, it needs to look effortless yet smart. When asking your stylist for this kind of haircut I would highly recommend getting the haircut razored to avoid it looking too feminine or heavy. I would suggest styling the hair with a texture dust like Líoreal Super Dust or Kevin Murphy Powder Puff and then style the hair using Kevin Murphy Night Rider or America Crew Defining Paste.

Mens hair fashion

Look 3.

This haircut is very popular at the moment. This modelís hair is pretty straight but it can look good when the hair is slightly wavy too. The haircut is quite tight through the back and sides but kept really long on top. You can see the hair doesnít look overloaded with hair product so again try using a dust to support the style and then follow with a good strong hairspray to hold and support the style.

By Dion Padan, Owner/Style Director Hooka Liverpool, Winner of Britains Favourite Hairdresser Hooka, Liverpool