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Creating a bouncy blow dry

It’s easy if you know how…

Step 1: Towel-dry hair and run through with a blow dry enhancing cream and use a root lifting product to create texture and hold.

Step 2:. Section the hair and blow-dry using an aerated metal barrel brush to speed up drying. Brush away from the roots to create as much volume as possible.

Step 3: When the hair is dry, make a centre-parting and brush hair out to give bounce and fullness to your hair.

Step 4: For fuller, longer-lasting waves, leave the hair to set on large rollers. Make sure you roll the hair in the direction you want it to lie (in most cases rolling under gives the better finish). Ignore the old configuration with rollers sitting neatly all round the head. Instead separate the hair into a top, middle and bottom section. Load large sections of hair onto the rollers to keep the whole lift-thing going.
Step 5: Then spray hairspray on a paddle brush and gently comb away from the parting in the direction of the hair. This settles the visible flyaway strands around the crown. Remember not to spray hairspray on the hair for this look, you want to maintain the feeling of movement when you let all those curls tumble loose.