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Braided buns with pastel colouring

“The look we aimed for was a structured look with cornrows to the side of the hair. The hair featured a sleek top which blended into a braided ‘bun’ at the back. Pastel colours were added to the cornrows as well as the braided bun.”

Oscar Alexander, Head of Hair, using JOICO.

1. Blow-dry hair, directing the heat towards the crown, along the whole hairline.

2. Section the back of the hair, ear to ear across the occipital bone and secure as a ponytail in the middle, fixing with JOICO JOISHAPE Shaping and Finishing Spray. Then split the ponytail in two sections and braid each section using JOICO K-PAK PROTECT AND SHINE SERUM to smooth the hair together with JOICO DESIGN WORKS Shaping Spray to control flyaways.

3. Section the top section temple to temple, over the crown and clip.

4. Section the remaining section in half, side to side and then vertically at the back, creating 4 sections. Braid these four sections over, along the scalp losing the tension a little bit at the back so that the braids start bending downwards on to the side of the ponytail. Use JOICO K-PAK PROTECT AND SHINE SERUM in the hair to make the braiding smoother and JOICO DESIGN WORKS Shaping Spray to control flyaways as needed.

5. Add a braided hair piece in pink or white to the braided ponytail with an elastic.

6. Start pinning the ponytail braids and the coloured braid on to the scalp ‘randomly’. Use JOICO JOISHAPE Shaping and Finishing Spray to fix the bun.

7. Unclip the top section, backcomb a little throughout the roots and smooth backwards to the back of the section, securing with an elastic. Split the section in two, leaving a piece of hair to wrap around the elastic to cover it up, and braid the two sections. Pin them in.

8. Take the side braids and pin these in along the side of the bun that now has been created to frame it.

9. Take the top side braids and cross over each other over the bun and secure with pins.

10. Add hair chalk through the braids in the same colour as the hairpiece that has been added to the bun.

11. Secure, smooth and fix the finished style with JOICO POWER SPRAY Fast-dry Finishing Spray.

braided Bun