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Pixie Power


The inspiration behind the look
This look - from the Neo-Burlesque Collection - draws inspiration from the London based designer William Wilde and the cult fetish magazine Skin Two. Wilde specialises in exquisite handmade latex clothing which are elegant and distinctive, and rarely forgotten. Skin Two magazine covers all aspects of the worldwide fetish subculture, aimed to be erotic rather than pornographic. The Collection encapsulates the Mahogany Hairdressing signature precision cutting, enhanced with a dynamic combination of peacock colours, resulting in a compelling union of beauty and sensuality.

Does it have dress down/dress up options?
As well as being worn in a textured quaff, this shape works perfectly sleek and smooth with the front worn as a fringe. Even with short strong shapes versatility is an extra bonus.

Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc
Over texturised, very fine hair could go too fluffy, but other than that - with some OSIS Upload and Mess Up - this shape will work on most hair types.

High or low maintenance?
Low maintenance - one of the positives of being brave and having a shorter shape is the ease.

What face shapes best suit this style?
All face shapes; this image is all about wearing it with confidence.

Any important blow dry/styling tips?
Wrap dry with OSIS Upload then texturise.

Best products for the style and colour?
Schwarzkopf OSIS range & Igora Colour

Anything else you feel may be beneficial to our readers?
This image is both strong and sexy but - as always - the technique is the key. Classic scissor over comb on the underneath section creates the foundation for the longer textured lengths through the top, to be ambiguous in the way the shape can be dressed. By keeping the underneath longer and top shorter this shape is easily commercialised for the salon client. On any full head bleach finishing products are essential. Apply Schwarzkopf Oil onto wet hair and then Schwarzkopf Mess Up to create a textured Matt finish. These strong shapes are couture versions of an idea and really can be softened to suit many different types of hair, but itís also about the individualís confidence in wearing the shape that makes it work.

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