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Rustic Glamour


The inspiration behind the look
This look - from the Neo-Burlesque Collection - draws inspiration from the London based designer William Wilde and the cult fetish magazine, Skin Two. Wilde specialises in exquisite handmade latex clothing which are elegant and distinctive, and rarely forgotten. Skin Two magazine covers all aspects of the worldwide fetish subculture, aimed to be erotic rather than pornographic. The Collection encapsulates the Mahogany Hairdressing signature precision cutting, enhanced with a dynamic combination of peacock colours, resulting in a compelling union of beauty and sensuality.

Does it have dress down/dress up options?
Absolutely, this particular look was heavily texturised and backcombed, however it could be worn straight and sleek.

Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc
This look will work on all types of hair; it just needs to be long.

High or low maintenance?
High - it takes a lot of work to create this sort of texture.

What face shapes best suit this style?
It works with all face shapes.

Any important blow dry/styling tips?
Lots of strong hold mousse.

Best products for the style and colour?
Osis + Grip Mousse, it gives great long-lasting styling support.

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