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Platinum Quiff

by KARINE JACKSON @ Karine Jackson

The inspiration behind the look
This platinum shade was inspired by the sea bed – white sand and rippling waters.

Does it have dress down/dress up options?
Yes! The undercut look can be worn up for a punky shape or down in a bob shape for a more classic look.

Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc
This look works best for those with thicker hair as the undercut takes away a lot of bulk, however for those with fine hair it can still work but may look a little wispy when adapted into a bob shape.

High or low maintenance?
This look requires quite a lot of products to create a show-stopping style.

What face shapes best suit this style?
Oval or heart

Any important blow dry/styling tips?
You’ll need a strong gel for this look. Apply the gel to wet hair; use a vent brush to hold the hair in position and dry from the roots, to ensure your style doesn’t collapse.

Best products for the style and colour?
I recommend Unite’s Liquid Versa Gel as this can be remoulded if you want to change the shape of your style. Organic Colour Systems for the colour.

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