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Choppy Red Bob

by RACHEL @ Jamison Shaw

1. Inspiration behind the style and the look
Rich vibrant reds with soft feminine haircut lines inspired me with this versatile look. Amazing pointy features of the model allowed me to play up my face framing to allow her piercing features to be her focal point.

2. Does it have dress down\dress up options?
Absolutely.There are many ways to play up this French Bob line. Hard lines mixed with soft can dress up a simple haircut or move your style from day to evening.

3. Which hair types does it work for? i.e. fine\thick, etc.
Fine hair works best so you do not get tons of roundness.

4. High or low maintenance?
Very low with a small amount of pomade, and water you can change this look in a matter of seconds.

5. What face shapes best suit this style?
Oval or oblong

6. Any important blow dry\styling tips?
Blow dry in circles making hair circulate around the head to keep it flatter with volume.

7. Best products for the style and colour?
Moisturizing pomades that are not waxy are best to style this look. Color protection shampoos are a must with Ravishing Reds.

How to style:

1. Shampoo with color protect shampoo and conditioner.

2. Towel dry 30% of moisture.

3. Begin drying using circular motion and no brush.

4. Using large Boar Bristle Brush, mold ends under.

5. For day look, piece hair out using pomade and fingers.

6. For evening look, use flat iron to enhance layers where needed.

7. For red carpet, consider teasing hair back and away to create a faux hawk shape.

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