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The Shob - The very latest hairstyle trend

by RONAN @ Roco


With our newest collection ’Rebels’, we were inspired by the braveness in style of the girls from the post punk era, the shift between punk and new romantic created this fabulous confidence in hairstyles and fashion.

The Shob is our modern take on the bob with these influences.

Dress up/down

This is mainly a Dress Down Cut, but can be worn with sleeked back sides, and quiffed on top for a more dressy engagement.

Type hair

The Shob is a universal cut, It suits all hair types. The trick is the personalising from your stylist and products used at home.

High/low maintenance

This Cut is very easily maintained and can be worn middle or side shade (parting) with a full fringe or ’bangs’ (grown out fringe).

Face shape

This style suits all Face shapes, I would recommend for oval shaped faces a lovely chin length and for those with rounder or square face shapes a length closer to the shoulder’.

Blow drying tips

Look 1


The Shob is best worn with texture, so applying Sea Salt Spray then drying hair with no nozzle on your hairdryer, low speed high heat and softly scrunch.

Or apply some dust after blow drying will give that ’undone’ feel.

Look 2

Grunge Curl

For a loose Alexa Chung type curl use a wand.

First curl the hair, then tip head upside down rake with your fingers, shake of dust , flip hair back around and lightly soften with hand then a blast of hairspray will give a gorgeous finish.

Best products

Look 1

RoCo Sea salt spray

RoCo Dust

Look 2

RoCo Dust


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