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90s glamour.

by ANTHONY JOHN @ Anthony John

1. The inspiration behind the look
The inspiration behind the whole collection was 90s glamour. For this particular look it was high fashion models and celebrities pixie cuts of the time. Wynona Ryder, Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista all inspired this look.

2. Does it have dress down/dress up options?
Yes, it also work brilliantly with the fringe down, this creates a softer look - think agyness deyn, Frankie from the Saturdays.

3. Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc
A medium texture would be best for this look. Although it would create great body for finer hair.

4. High or low maintenance?
Low, blast it off and work the right product on it.

5. What face shapes best suit this style?
This style would suit most face shapes other than round

6. Any important blow dry/styling tips?
To create the quiff use a mouldable product and blow dry the fringe up away from the face. Then straighten straight up. Its important to create as much body as possible at the drying stage. Itís flatten with your finishing product if needed than it is to get more body in.

7. Best products for the style and colour?
For this look we used KMS playable Texture both in wet hair before drying it to create a workable texture and after to give it hold. Itís such a brilliant versatile product that gives a matt, lived in, gritty texture to the hair. We also used KMS Clay cream to add a bit more definition.
This style works best with multi dimensional colours that will show off the texture. I personally think its best in grown out looking blondes. It does show off the style.

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