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Yummy Mummy Look


1. The inspiration behind the look
The inspiration behind our Yummy Mummy look came from the ever-gorgeous Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams and the emergence of new, cute tomboy styles.

2. Does it have dress down/dress up options?
For an easy everyday look, the hair is blow dried flat with flatteringly soft texture but it can easily be transformed into a feminine Teddy Boy quiff for nights out.

3. Which hair types does it work for? i.e. fine/thick, etc.

This cut can suit fine, medium and course hair types. Straight or slightly wavy hair textures yield the best results.

4. High or low maintenance?
Low maintenance with minimal styling required; hence its popularity! A great look if you’re always busy-busy but still want a look that’s fashion-forward and feminine.

5. What face shapes best suit this style?
We created this style to suite any face-shape.

6. Any important blow dry/styling tips?
Easy.. finger dry and scrunch as much as you like for added texture.

7. Best products for the style and colour?
I highly recommend a spritz of L’Oreal Tecni Art Pli or Volume Architect on wet hair. Using a purple shampoo such as L’Oréal Professional Série Expert Silver, is great for maintaining the clean blonde colour

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