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Big Blow Out

by BARBARA DALEY @ Barbara Daley

The inspiration behind the look
Brilliant shine, expensive looking colour and styled effortlessly, this look is the epitome of beautiful healthy hair. There is a slight 70s vibe to the look, disco cool but with a modern it-girl twist

Does it have dress down/dress up options?

This look could be worn for the office or a red carpet event. The flawless finish makes it so versatile and a look that could go straight from day to night. Dress up with jewelled hair accessories for a ball or down with a floral head band for a festival or beach party, it works for almost any occasion.

Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc
This look is best on normal to thick hair but can also work on finer hair provided the length is shorter or through adding extensions.

Which skin tones/complexions/eye colours best suits this colour?
The sun-kissed look works best on brunettes but that doesnít mean you have to be dark skinned. Also, the lighter caramel tones through the underneath work great on fair skinned brunettes, as well as darker and olive tones.

High or low maintenance?
The skill in this style is that it looks so expensive but itís actually pretty easy to do once you have the colour and cut in place. The highlights are delicately placed in a wishbone technique through the underneath and away from the roots, meaning there is little upkeep in terms of colour. The soft layers combined with a chunky baseline in the cut give the look its healthy feel, again making styling relatively easy to get right - provided itís in good condition. Styling wise, I would add a golf ball size amount of mousse to towel dried hair, combing it throughout, blast dry upside down to get the roots going in an upwards direction, dry to about 80% before finishing with a large round brush and putting the fringe in a large roller off the face. Then taking large sections, curl the hair back off the face using a large conical wand or stick; you should be able to do the entire head in around 6-8 sections, it doesnít get much simpler than that!

What face shapes best suit this style?
This look generally suits all face shapes, if you have smaller petite features I would go for a shorter version of the look and rounder faces should go for a slightly shorter version of the balcony fringe.

Any important blow dry/styling tips?
Use plenty of mousse and comb to spread evenly throughout the hair before starting to dry, then blast the hair upside to get all the roots going in an upwards direction giving the hair plenty of volume and lift.

Best products for the style and colour?
This look is all about subtlety - it gradually goes from darker at the roots to lighter on the ends, so I would recommend using a gloss colour - such as LíOrťalís Diarichesse - for the roots to create a gradual blend with maximum shine. For styling products, I would go with a lightweight mousse such as Kťrastase Mousse Bouffant to give maximum volume with a light hold.

Are there certain make up/clothes shades that are ideally suited to the colour?

I think warmer tones, blushes and pinks will work great with this look, and by highlighting the contours of the cheek bones with a blusher or bronzer you will accentuate the width through the underneath in the styling and show off the colour technique to its full potential. A smoky eye would also be a great way to take this look from day to night.

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