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Perming for guys


The inspiration behind the look:
This look is a popular style that has had rebirth in the last year, the look has a classic 80's inspired shape and with the growing trend in looser looks and guys looking for light perms this low maintenance look is bang on trend. A throwback to a demo cut I rolled out for a campaign for matrix back in the 90's.

Does it have dress down/dress up options?

Absolutely, in fact this is in my opinion the best length and style for hybrid styling, perfect for hooking back with a good heat protector and gentle blow-drying, also a medium heat straightening iron can make this style edgy and more choppy in seconds, all various and different styles which are very low maintenance, just remember it's all about hydration and never over drying the hair to avoid frizz and crispy dry curls.

Which hair types does it work for? i.e., fine/thick, etc.

Medium thickness hair types are more suited to this style, and obviously wavy, however the curl in this style was encouraged with gentle finger drying and a little bit of styling with a warm curling tong. The sharp sides are scissor cut to relax the texture to sit with good shape; it's all in the scissor work and advisable to avoid any clipper work with this style. Ultimately suited for guys looking for a low maintenance style that has wavy to curly hair types.

High or low maintenance?

It is a medium to low maintenance style, but keep in mind that all good and easy styling is born from good cutting disciplines and tailored style, communicate with your barber or stylist and stay well informed, a good stylist will advise you on shape and suitability for your hair type and face shape. Always look for a stylist that has a diverse approach to cutting and works with natural shape and flow and pure scissor work and razor cutting is a must.

What face shapes best suit this style?

This style would suit most face shapes, but not too round, stronger jawlines are a benefit as it will add masculinity to the look and take the edge off the elegance and possible feminine look of such a style.

Any important blow dry/styling tips?

Ok so the most important thing to consider is heat versus hydration, really important to avoid over drying. This style I used a cocktail of products from the Evo range, Cushy clay with a touch of casual act styling cream. cushy clay adds grip but moisture is injected from Casual act as well, before this I dried the hair to nearly dry gently scrunching the hair directionally with a little amount of Icon welder heat protector cocktailed with a dab of easy tiger curling balm. With this style small amounts of more cocktailed products can make all the difference and locking in that all important moisture and grip from the waxes.

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