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The Pastel Edge Collection

by VIVIENNE MACKINDER @ Vivienne Mackinder

1. The inspiration behind the look

I loved the idea of couture colour without commitment – hence some of the styles from this collection were chalked. There are kids on You Tube giving tutorials of how to chalk hair from their bedrooms. I felt a strong need to challenge this by going fabulous! Although inspired by chalk, this look uses semi-permanent colour.

2. Does it have dress down/dress up options?

Fashion today is so eclectic the mix of dress up and dress down is a great option especially when one razor cuts the interior, hence these styles allow for play and convertibility.

3. Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc

The best texture for this look is medium to thick. However, the model I used did have fine hair, going short and blonde certainly enhanced this style and texture.

4. High or low maintenance?

The cut is low maintenance, but the colour is more high maintenance’s as it will inevitably fade. But I think the fade is lovely – like old denim jeans.

5. What face shapes best suit this style?

The best face shape for this look is oval, but it will work on round and square face shapes due to the asymmetric fringe.

6. Any important blow dry/styling tips?

Be sure not to over dry the hair, this seems to be a common problem with stylists! Use a 9-row half round brush and blow dry base line straight building the roundness as you climb up the head into the razored layers. The fringe is styled diagonally across the front.

7. Best products for the style and colour?

Orbie Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray for shine and volume the pastel colours are by Joico.

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