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The Balayage Collection

by SIMON MAYNARD @ Jack Howard

The inspiration behind the look
Itís a twist on a 1950ís styles for sharp fashion-conscious city girls.

Does it have dress down/dress up options?
Definitely Ė the slick waves can be brushed out for daytime and then pinned up in the evening. Itís the perfect day-to-night style for a busy woman.

Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc
The waves were created using heated rollers which means they are very forgiving on almost all hair types so the look can be quite easily achieved by anyone.

High or low maintenance?
Depending on how slick a look you want to achieve will determine how much styling would be involved in this look. If youíre into a more natural finish, you could rock the style with a beach textured wave.

What face shapes best suit this style?
It really does suit all!

Any important blow dry/styling tips?
Always keep your sections small and clean. Start from the roots and wrap the hair around the roller and twist after each rotation for the perfect S-shaped curl.

Best products for the style and colour?
For the best results use Shu Uemura Ample Mousse to give you that body and of course for the colour, you have to visit Jack Howard at Neville Hair and Beauty

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