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Girl Next Door


The inspiration behind the look
We created this look in homage to the ultimate girl next door… Kate Middleton. We wanted to create a soft and beautiful look with an element of natural glamour – a ‘polished/casual’ feel; so we created a loose curl, swept over to one side, which is proving very popular at the moment. Roots have minimal volume, giving the look a natural vibe. ‘Watch out for the new Girl Next Door!’

Does it have dress down/dress up options?
We think this is the perfect look from day to night! To go casual, break curls up more and make them a bit bigger, shake it up as this works well to loosen the edges of the shape. And to dress up, simply add volume to the roots and redefine your curls.

Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc
Best for medium to thick hair, but of course if you have fine hair you can get creative and add in false hair to thicken.

High or low maintenance?
Again, probably in the middle, as you’ll need to tong the curls.

What face shapes best suit this style?
Great for most face shapes as it’s so soft. Best suited for oval.

Any important blow dry/styling tips?
When tonging, position hair to the side you’ll be wearing it, and tong in different directions for a natural effect.

Best products for the style and colour?
Non sticky, body building products like Tec Ni Art Volume Mousse are great for this look. This style suits all colours - it looks equally stunning in red, blonde and brunette. Matching style to colour is not something a lot of people think about and a handy hint is to make sure your colour works with your skin tone, eye colour and hair texture.

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