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Celebrity Virtual Hairstyler

Examples of our readers choices of wigs for their chosen celebrities. Do they look better or comical its up to you..

1. Choose a celebrity from the gallery
2. This will take you to the Virtual Hairstyler. At the top of the face list will be your chosen celebrity
3. Click on your celebrity and choose a wig.
4. When you are happy click on the flashing save button

5. Add a comment and your name and spam filter text and click submit.
6. DONE. Your image will appear in the gallery after being vetted for appropriate language.

now this is really funny
By Ha Ha
Taylor Swift
By Ha Ha
Johnny Depp
Oh Johnny, You just got to try this LOL
By Ha ha
Dwayne Johnson
Love ya new party look, lol
By Jeremy
Brad Pitt
Looking good, Brad. I think this is really you, mate ! :) :) :)
By Jeremy
Simon Cowell
This is so you, Simon be a sport
By Ha Ha
Brad Pitt
Looking real good :)
By ha ha
Justin Bieber
Really suits him, don’t you think?
By Ha ha
Emma Stone
Its very funny!!!
By Miranda Hullton
Katy Perry
This is the hairstyle its very funny!
By Emily Creepston
Matt Damon
Jennifer Lawrence
By paula
David Beckham
Go on Becks! You need a style like this!!!
By Brenda
Justin Bieber
By sonnia
Jennifer Aniston
Cmon jen chop it off! :)
By Jade
Leonardo DiCaprio
Makes him look different
By eddie
Looks cool
By restless
Really attractive style makes a big difference
By Geraldine
David Beckham
Looks a bad hairday
By Jonathon
Justin Timberlake
Nice formal cut great for the office
By Frank
Margot Robbie
Short and sweet nice a low maintenance style
By sherry
Charlize Theron
very nice
By tcb
Think Adele would suit a colour change - what do you think?
By Steph
David Beckham
David would look gorgeous, no matter what style you put on him!
By Julie
Keira Knightley
Think Keira would really suit a longer style
By Joan

come on matt - it would look great in the next Bourne!
By Tim

Brad in a few years
By Tommy

Great bob will widen that face a bit
By Shaz

Rihanna is gorgeous no matter what her hair looks like - but this is nice too!
By Georgia
Cameron Diaz
Any hairstyle that covers that face is a PLUS!!
By Joe
Megan Fox
ha not such a fox now!
By Danny
Justin Timberlake
Yeah!! Hippy Justin :)
By Josh
brad pitt
By Pete
Matt Damon
Matt damon deserves this!!
By Jon
angelina jolie
This tries to hide her lips.. But fails
By pete
Jennifer Lawrence
She suits short hair
By Phillipa
Johnny Depp
Jonnys never looked so good!
By Jonty
This is much better than her usual s**t
By Bill
Brad Pitt
This looks great!!!
By Sarah