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By Asgar Saboo

Red hair as seen on Jessica Chastain and Bella Thorne

Although red heads are known for being teased at school, this look can be extremely attractive on a glamourous woman, as Jessica Chastain and Bella Thorne prove. It's often suggested that red heads have a fiery personality, so this hair colour will make you seem fun, full of passion and with a zest for life. If it's your first time moving into the red hair family then go for a subtle colour, or dare to go bold with a luscious, bright tone.

Cascade of curls

While many women choose to straighten their curls, choosing to go natural and show off natural body and texture suggests that you're not afraid to be in the limelight and prefer a more natural, laid-back style. Curls are particularly suitable for bohemian fashion, but they also work well with dramatic silhouettes, as seen on the likes of Leona Lewis. Having curls isn't always fun as this hair requires extra conditioning, so make sure you use a hair masque each week and work an oil or curl cream through the hair after each wash.

Going for the chop

A short hairstyle is the perfect balance between sophisticated and daring, which will show the world that you like to have a unique look but appreciate classic icons of the past like Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn. A short haircut shows you're not afraid to take a risk, which is why Emma Watson chose this style after she had finished work on the last Harry Potter film. I also like a longer bob look on a woman, as seen on Margot Robbie, which shows that you like to feel glamourous but young and fresh, since it can be so modern if you go for a choppy cut.

Polished, high pony-tail

This is a style favoured by the likes of Kim Kardashian West and suggests a different personality to your regular pony style this one says to the world that you're organised, professional and want to be taken seriously. This is why it's perfect for the office and important meetings, showing off your ambition and level of perfectionism.

Peroxide blonde

From Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton, there's a reason why women choose to colour the hair a shocking shade of blonde it shows that you're a confident person, like to turn heads and enjoy attention. It's often seen as the ultimate symbol of femininity and indicates that you have a glamourous side, but women also go for a dramatic shade to mark a new chapter in their life, such as when Kim Kardashian West went blonde after the birth of her daughter. Be prepared for the maintenance, as you'll need to use a purple shampoo and good hair treatment at least once a week to maintain this look.

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