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3 Male Celebrity Hairstyles to Try in 2016

By Alex Murphy @ hairstylesclubmens

Male celebrities have a huge following largely because of the macho attitude they express in their work. Some of their fans even go further and emulate their personal style as a way of showing their loyalty to their favourite celebrity. Although celebrities regularly change their hairstyles one of the best ways to “steal” the look of a celebrity is to replicate their haircut as often as you can. If possible choose a hairstyle of a celebrity your age

so that people can easily associate you with your favourite star.

If you are looking for a celebrity hairstyle to try out in 2016, then you are in luck because there are quite a number to choose from. Even so, there are some that are quite popular for the New Year and they are:

Medium length Hairstyle

Maintaining long hair seems to be a trend that we are going to see throughout 2016, but some male celebrities are making it their own by cutting it to a medium length. This type of hair length goes well with bangs at the front of the face and drawing attention to the eyes.The hairstyle is appropriate for most face shapes and can be easily paired with a full beard if preferred.To get the best look when adopting this hairstyle, let your barber do it for you so that the length matches blends in well with the bangs thus bringing out your best facial features.

Short pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour is a haircut that is ideal for both young and older men, with many celebrities adopting it as their official look. The hair that is left at the top of the head can be styled differently every time while maintaining a fade on the back as well as sides of the head. When adopting this particular hairstyle, it is important that the hair on top is cut a bit shorter than regular pompadour haircuts so that you stand out from the rest. If you look at recent David Beckham haircut styles you will notice his love for this hairstyle, making it worth trying if you fancy his look.

Classic side part hairstyle

The side part haircut never goes out of fashion but is only modernized by celebrities so that it continues to look stylish. However, the sharp line that separates the hair into two parts is always included as it is the signature of the hairstyle. The haircut can be done on short as well as long hair, making it a favorite of many men. Furthermore, maintaining the hairstyle is quite easy especially if you use hair products that are high quality and get a trim often.

Finally, not every celebrity hairstyle is good for your face shape which makes it important to seek advice from your barber on the best one for you. To be sure he gets the exact idea of the celebrity hairstyle you want for 2016, bring a photograph with you that he can take a look at it while working on your hair.

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