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Does your hair need rehab

Your have recently opened the first Hair Rehab Clinic in the North West, what made you decide to do this?

The number of people out there who are struggling to manage their hair on a daily basis as a result of a hair horror story or prolonged chemical/styling abuse is enormous. We have many clients who initially came to us with a hair disaster and even more clients who tell me about how they wished their friend/sister/daughter would come in and see us as their hair was in a terrible state. The Barbara Daley Hair Rehab Clinic was started with all those people in mind, it offers advice and a clear programme for clients who know they've pushed their hair to the limit. People visiting the clinic can expect an honest, upfront consultation about exactly what their hair needs and together we will work out how to get back to where they want to be.

• What sort of hair problems do you see at the clinic? Who is it for?

The clinic is for anyone who feels their hair has lost its way; whether that be through colour build up, over straightening, over processing with other chemical treatments or products, abuse of hair extensions or a combination of these things. We see all types of hair problems and it's our job as the experts to point them in the right direction, tell them what they need and help their hair to be the best it possibly can.



• What are the biggest causes of damaged and dry hair?

There are lots of reasons why hair can become dry and damaged but i'd say the two main causes are heat and chemical over processing. Heat from the hairdryer, straighteners or even from the sun can cause hair to become dry and brittle. Hair that is over processed though the use of bleach, perms , chemical straighteners and harsh dyes can make the hair so weak it that it splits and breaks off if not cared for in the right way.

• What is the best action that people suffering from dry/damaged can take to immediately start to repair the damage?

Come into our rehab clinic! People in general know that their hair is damaged but they don't always know what has caused the damage, our job as experts to analyse the hair and their routine and that way we can tell them how to break the cycle and repair the damage. Each consultation and plan is personal to the individual it is so difficult to give a general rule how to treat damaged hair, you have to first understand the reason behind it and then you can make a start. The simple answer would be to understand how your hair has got in this state and accept that you have to change your regime.

• Can hair always be repaired or do you sometimes have to chop it all off?

Chopping off is always a last resort. Most people want to see results right away and in this case having your hair cut is a quick way to reduce the damage but it is still important to address the cause

• Is it true that hair that is blonde is generally in worse condition?

Blonde hair tends to be more fragile and finer, so whether it's natural or bleached, caring for the condition and not over processing is super important with blondes

• Do you have any advice to people with really greasy hair?

Greasy hair is one of the hardest problems to combat. It is cause mainly by over active sebaceous glands but there are tips to help control the grease. I recommend using a detox shampoo from time to time to cleanse the scalp and get rid of product build up and silicones. When washing use lukewarm water and let the shampoo do the work, vigorously massaging the scalp only encourages the sebum which is what gives your hair the greasy look. If your hair needs conditioner apply it to wet hair, this will dilute it, also use only on the ends the roots don't need it. And finally, if you can stand it, rinse with cold water. This closes the pores and stops the sebum releasing onto the hair

• Do you have any advice to people suffering with dandruff?

True dandruff is a medical condition and should be treated as such, but for the majority dandruff is caused by product build up, harsh shampoo or a dry scalp these problems can be treated by your hairdresser. Doing simple things like using the correct shampoo and making sure you properly rinse your hair can resolve the problem, if not then more specialist help is required and we would refer you to a tricologist.

• Which is your all time hero repairing hair product?

I'm a great fan Kerastase products, all are salon prescribed and cover the whole range of hair problems. I've worked with Kerastase all of my hairdressing life and generally found a ready solution for most hairdressing problems

• What food can people eat to improve their hair health?

Foods rich in protein and vitamin B are all great for the hair. But you have to remember that even though a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are important, hair like your skin, is subject to the environment. The wind, the rain, damp, even the sun can all affect it so take precautions cover and protect. Treat your hair like you would your skin.

• What is your mission for Barbara Daley Hair Rehab Clinic.

The idea of the rehab clinic is to help and support people who have over used and abused their hair. It's not about blame or shame it's about support and help. People sometimes make bad choices with their hair, we are there to help correct these wrong choices and to educate our clients so that it doesn't happen again. Our reputation within the industry has always been as masters of beautiful wearable hair and the clinic goes one step further in supporting this mission

Bookings for The barbara daley Hair Rehab clinic can be made by calling 0151709797. The clinic is open every Thursday or you can contact us via our website or by email to or follow us on twitter @barbaradaleyhairrehab

Author: Barbara Daley

Specializing in colour and dressing hair, the stylists at Barbara Daley Hair and Beauty have a long standing reputation within the hairdressing industry as masters of beautiful, wearable hair

With a CV that includes being regulars at London fashion week, working backstage at the MTV EMAs, leading teams for Stella McCartney, Graduate Fashion Week and Clothes Show Live as well as being published in magazines including Elle, Vogue, Red and Marie Claire, the team at Barbara Daley know what the trends are and are already setting new ones Finalists for Hairdresser of the Year 2013 in the North Western category Barbara’s team are here all about fashion forward commercial styles that come straight from catwalk to client

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