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Autumn and Winter Hair Colour Maintenance

By Paul Edmonds, London

As we approach the winter months hair has lightened, colours have faded and sometimes become dry and dehydrated like our skin. During October the lighter and faded colour still looks great especially if you still have a tan on your skin which is why Clare Lodge Head of Colour at Paul Edmonds offers her expert tips using Kérastase's new optimized Fusio Dose formulas to ensure this look still works.

When having your colour in the salon it is important to have a clear glaze to keep a lighter colour or with a hint of colour to add missing tones in the hair, this will retain shine and the natural lights that have been created throughout summer

A week after your colour book in for an intensive moisturising in-salon treatment, this cannot be done on the day of the colour as it will interfere will the colour molecule unless you just have pre-lightened highlights then it's fine. This treatment will help with rehydrate the hair and help prepare the hair for the winter months when it's cold outside and protect it against the artificial heat inside. Try to book these treatments monthly to keep your hair and colour healthy. If you have damaged or weakened hair then alternate a moisture treatment with a reconstructive treatment

When at home apply a hair masque once a week for 10-15mins with a treatment suitable to your hair type, your colourist will be able to recommend the best for you

By the end of October the daylight changes and this effects how our hair colour looks so I often change my clients formula to suit and flatter their skin tone. We change our clothes and our makeup seasonally so our hair should be changed accordingly too”.

Kérastase NEW Fusio Dose


3 in-salon steps to personalised hair transformation:

The fast effectiveness of the treatment relies upon Kérastase's new optimized Fusio Dose formulas. The most effective active ingredients for hair are meticulously selected for their fast action on the fibre and are isolated in their purest and most concentrated state for truly unprecedented hair transformation in just five minutes.

1. A Kérastase Hair & Scalp Profiler is used to give you an advanced diagnosis on your scalp and hair needs. This diagnostic tool measures and magnifies the hair fibre up to x600 times and helps to provide your most accurate prescription.

2. Depending on your needs, your hairstylist will create a bespoke blend for your hair needs. This includes a mix of one prescriptive concentrate with one prescriptive booster.

3. The treatment is sprayed on to the hair and enhanced with a hair massage to work the formulation into the hair. After five minutes, the treatment is rinsed out and hair will have taken the ingredients it needs for improvement due to the advanced micro-emulsion technology that penetrates deep into the areas of the hair where the treatment is needed.

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