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Bridal and Honeymoon Hair Care Tips

by Kerry Capewell, Hair care expert and stylist at Naturtint:

On average, how long does hair take to do on the day- is a hair rehearsal really necessary?

The time needed to perfect a wedding day hairstyle depends entirely on the look each bride opts for. If a simple blow-dry is chosen, 45 minutes should suffice so allow yourself an hour for hair on the big day, or if you are having a more complicated up do or intricate style you need to allow for at least 2 hours, particularly if the style will require setting first. A trial run is essential to ensure your style will stay in place throughout your big day and that you are comfortable wearing it for so long. You can also use your trial to test how long you need to allow for your hair on the day of your wedding.

Is it best to have freshly washed hair on the day, or a few days old?

Again, this depends on the style you are going for. If you are having a simple blow dry or loose curls, freshly washed hair is best but if you are having an up do hair that is a day or two old, will be easier to work with and hold the style better. Remember, any style that requires setting first will mean the hair will have to be washed and wet when set.

What are your favourite wedding hair accessories for 2015? What are the top wedding hair trends for 2015? How can you incorporate pretty plaits into wedding hair?

Vintage styles look set to stay this year and any accessory that puts the focus back on beautifully styled hair are our favourites. Think simple slides and individual flower pins that elevate an up do or small, delicate headbands that finish loose curls or beachy waves. Plaits can easily be worked into a number of styles, for example across the hairline to elegantly lift hair off the face, or plaited through the back to end with cascading curls. Waterfall plaits look really effective on mid-length to long hair and you can accessorise them with small flowers to match your wedding day scheme.

What can you do to make short hair look really special?
Provided hair isn't too short, you can soften your look for your wedding day by using straightening irons to create movement and interest, or use Velcro rollers to add lift and volume around the crown, that you could accessorise with a headband or single pin for a more glamorous look.

After the high maintenance of the wedding, what can you do to make hair easy to manage and still look good during the honeymoon?
Styling hair for a wedding often means excessive use of heated appliances, products and harsh styling methods, plus the stress of planning your big day can take its toll on your hair. Give your hair a much needed break therefore by allowing to dry naturally as often as possible and treat to an intensive deep conditioning treatment, such as Naturtint Vital 5 Hair Mask, to replace much needed moisture and prepare for a likely change in climate on your honeymoon.

Any tips for caring for hair when you're dipping in and out of the sea or swimming pool?

Protecting your hair when enjoying the sun is important so along with your sunscreen, be sure to pack shampoo & conditioning products that provide UV protection. Naturtint Nutrideep Multiplier contains Sunflower Extracts that provide natural UV protection. Don't forget any exposed parts of your scalp when applying sun cream also partings and the tops of the ears are easily forgotten and can be very sensitive.

If you are honeymooning by the sea or the pool, try your best to rinse the hair thoroughly every time you leave the pool or sea to remove the chlorinated or salt water. If using a pool, you can wet the hair before swimming so that the fibres swell with un-chlorinated water first. This is particularly important if you colour your hair as chlorine left in the hair fibre will fade and alter your colour. Further guard against the harmful UV rays by wearing a hat as much as possible when in the sun and use a leave-in conditioner during the day to prevent your hair from drying out and again provide protection from the sun. Your hair is as susceptible to drying as your skin so drink lots of water to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

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