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Grey Hair for Men

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Believe it or not, more and more men in Ted's Grooming Room are not only embracing grey hair but anxiously waiting for its' arrival! Grey is the new black; a stylishly silver cut implies a gent who appreciates the finer things in life, but has been around the party block a few times too. Silver locks convey a sense of sophistication, experience and power - as well as a gentlemanly aura. Embrace this newly suave hair phase.

If you haven't started to bald, you can pick pretty much any style you like. The only genuine drawback to grey hair is that it often arrives at a time when a man does start to lose some length on top. However, there are several ways you can balance this out, with the right cut.

For a casual but neat look, ask Ted's barber to use scissors all over, which will create the illusion of thickness. Keep things close and tight to the back and sides of the head, which cancels out any balding in these areas, and ask us to use texturizing scissors on top creates a much richer appearance in terms of length. This is a low maintenance style best suited to those who like to wake up in the morning and walk out of the front door without spending an excessive amount of time on grooming.

If you are willing to inject a little more razzmatazz into your morning ritual, plump for a classic short back and sides, with a subtle, angled, swept-back quiff. Use Ted's hair wax to work thoroughly and evenly throughout the hair for a casual, rugged look and for formal occasions, Ted's hair putty to create a sleek side parting. A versatile style that runs the gamut fromred carpet to rock'n'roll night out.

For the silver gentleman whose hairline is beginning to retreat, a classic sweep back will draw attention away from your forehead, and at the same time make a definite statement that you're embracing the changes in your hair, and comfortable with your new look.

If you're capable of growing a short beard, you should definitely pair your hair with some salt n pepper stubble. Not only does this add a rugged touch to the suave silver fox, it provides a neat , uniform element that balances your face. Think Clooney, with a casual blazer and suitably subtle watch. Visit Ted's barber at least once every two weeks in addition to your home shaving sessions at home to keep things as neat, tidy and defined as possible.

There's an absolute treasure trail of silver haired celebs men can look to as style models. The three that immediately spring to mind are George Clooney, Richard Gere and the man who can manage any style; Jose Mourinho.

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