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How to do Movember right.

Tips from Ted's Master Barber.

Ted's Grooming Room is the perfect place to begin Movember. To grow a nice, even moustache, you need a perfect clean shave to ensure each hair zone grows at the same rate as Movember progresses - and our traditional Turkish barbers will achieve this with ease. If you're too busy for a trip to Ted, get the next best thing with the luxury of a home shaving session. Apply Ted's shaving cream with warm water and let your razor glide through the slippery-smooth lather. When you're finished, rinse clear any creamy residue and apply Ted's post-shave balm, designed to keep freshly shaven skin soft and smooth.

The growth pattern you will experience is entirely unique to your facial hair. While we can't predict the exact trajectory it will follow, there are a few general rules we recommend. The moustache area itself (between nose and mouth) will grow evenly, so if at first the odd part looks like it's not as thick, relax. It will catch up within a few days. If you don't grow facial hair very quickly, don't be discouraged by initial slow growth. After four to five days, you will be significantly hairier. It's also vital to wash your moustache at least twice a day for hygiene reasons- first thing in the morning and last thing at night. A weekly trip to your barber is the best way to maintain the neatness of your moustache while not losing out on length.

Your moustache should match the size and subtlety of your features. If you posses a masculine, square shaped face and jaw, plump for a gloriously full ‘tache that accentuates your strong facial structure. The classic “Walrus” is your aim. For these with more delicate features, explore your artistic side with a bourgeois pencil ‘tache. For everyone in between, the boxcar is always a safe bet.

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