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Reverse Balayage is a new trend

By Clayde Baumann, Creative Colour Director at D&J Ambrose

Blondes or lighter colours see a natural progression of Ombré and Balayage techniques. Reverse Balayage is a new trend.

Ive coined the name Luminaire which is Spanish (to illuminate) in opposition to Ombré which means shadow.
This is all about creating a lighter root area. This can either be worn with a brighter fashion shade for the colour crazy Fashionista or softened to create a subtle blend from light to dark.

The celebration of patina shades. Exploring a new kind of pastel. Muted pastel shades that are dense and pewter-like, muddy grungy fashion shades inspired by the anti-heroes like Chloe Norgaard. See products like Wella Instamatic.

Temporary (style-in) colour. The noncommittal client gets a taste of crazy colour with products like Chalk from LOreal.
Is the corporate client ready to break the mould after hours?

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RAW Hair London
  Great precision cuts and I love the luminaire concept. As a hair extensions company I know our customers are going to love this look, particularly as the weather warms up.  

  Scarborough Rhys White  

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