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Autumn-Winter - Colour in Motion by Paul Edmonds Salon

A really fun, vibrant campaign based on the concept of motion, Paul Edmonds uses strategically-placed colour to celebrate and enhance the beauty of our hairs natural movement. Already famed for their expertise in colour (in fact Margot Robbie recently chose the Paul Edmonds salon when dying her hair red for an upcoming film role) it seemed only natural for the team to develop a concept embodying this and the usefulness of high impact hair for brightening up the darker, colder months.

The invigorating new ‘Colour In Motion' campaign is set to send ripples of inspiration the world over, with Paul Edmonds continuing to innovate and strengthen their creative approach to hair and hair colour.

The expert team at Paul Edmonds have created three powerful and vibrant looks that have been launched in the Knightsbridge salon: a rich brown with flashes of red, copper and chestnut and a grey look interspersed with iridescent blues and silver.

Layers of tones are painted freehand into selected under sections of the hair to augment the overall look and create a cocktail of multiple colours. An all over colour is then applied with highlights and finished with a gloss treatment to wow, showing maximum multi-dimensions of colour every time the hair moves.

Working closely with his team, Paul comments, “The Paul Edmonds Autumn Winter looks are based on the concept of movement, where colour is no longer about static all over colour but an intelligent application of layered stratified colours placed on panels and balayage pieces to add further depth and imension”.

Claire Lodge, Head of Colour at Paul Edmonds, explains the techniques behind the three dynamic looks for the ‘Colour in Motion' Campaign;

“Browns are smudged and intermixed with this seasons hot reds and brought to a more glamorous finish with built up layers of copper and chestnut panels through the under sections and whispered through the top. The cut is bang on trend with long sliced layers and a deep thick fringe. The colour is perfect for chopped shoulder length bobs.”

“Grey's are in… and given a bolder twist with drifts of iridescent multi-tonal shades of dark grey to shimmering blue grey's and silver, make it look fresher and more youthful.”

“Dynamics in curls are given a boost with layers of chestnut and blondes at the ends. Curls are blow dried and twisted at the ends to give enhanced pronouncement of the multi shades of colour.”

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  Très belles réalisations techniques ; J’apprécie en temps que technicien dans le domaine ,la technicité ,les choix .Et surtout la mise en valeur des modèles avec l’attrait vêtement très colorés . Bravo Cher Collègue ,  

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