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Holiday Hair - your guide to easy, effortless hairstyling

Off, up and away! Suitcases jammed from a last minute over excited shopping spree, late pampering (Shellac & lashes) fully complete, bikini diet almost acceptable and even the beloved family pooch has been preened and pruned before a two week stint in the kennels.

There is just that one never ending holiday saga that unites us women globally! The holiday do. Long, short, red, blonde, dark or curly, it is undoubtedly a well known fact that most of us girls struggle with our holiday hair. So our options are supposedly endless, the sun care products claim to end our hours of over heating and hair misery, yet there are so many of us that just can't seem to find the perfect solution.

We speak with industry expert & L'oreal Professional ambassador Nick Malenko of the Midlands based Royston Blythe Group, "Styling this summer has become less structured. For us there is more emphasis on effortless yet elegant hair. Summer living is relaxed and carefree and the seasons hair styles reflect this, there has been a significant switch on the catwalks and high street towards soft, loose and ultimately face framing styles. Think understated, easy to maintain." And we breath a huge sigh of relief!

If the Brazillian Blow dry options are not for you (they smooth and reduce frizz considerably yet can often come at quite a cost), then here is our guide and inspiration to taming your tresses for the perfect summer styling.

The Rules

Pre Holiday Prepare :

Moisturise, nourish and treat. Your essential pre holiday salon trip should include a good split end removing trim and an intense nourishing in salon treatment. You will leave the salon feeling that your hair is healthy and prepared fully for the heat that it is about to become exposed to.

Suitcase Essentials :

Treatment mask and moisturising sun protection. They are an absolute must and will prevent damage from the sun, sea, sand and that green hair that is the result of over enthusiastic chlorine lovers in the continental pools.

Styling Don'ts :

Don't waste suitcase space with styling tools. Ditch the straighteners and power dryer and opt for hair au natural this summer.

The Styling Do's:

See the below style options, giving you the perfect hair solutions for your sensational holiday style.

At The Airport

The bouffant pony does it! It says glam, polished, contemporary with a playful summer twist. Over heating at your destination airport and onwards journey can not cause this style to frizz and you will land looking absolutely, holiday ready.

Relaxed Evenings

Luscious, thick waves represent cared for, effortless glamour. The waves that can often be caused by the heat of the night are already formed, preventing any unwanted signs of fluff and frizz. This style will keep your looking beach chic hours after sunset.

Evening Glamour

This sleek, smooth pony tail swept right back to the crown is the most instantly glamorous holiday style for a bite to eat on the marina followed by dancing and cocktails. Your hair will stay styled, swish and sophisticated whilst frizz free and ultra cooling on your face. Keep a small section of hair out of your band and to complete the finishing touch twist and clip around your pony.

Beach Glamour

Long, tousled and effortless. Boho beach babe, Ibiza, Magaluf and party girl perfect, this is the girl envy hair. Teamed with the ultimate golden hair accessory to ensure that your hair is VIP worthy.

The Ultimate Frizz Fighter from beach to bar

The bun and top knot. Absolutely, one hundred percent the holiday hair saviour. Instant, picture perfect and absolutely frizz fightingly effortless this is the look of the holiday. Team with huge sunnies and your summer smile, this bun ends any medium to long length holiday hair saga.

The Return Journey

Braiding and updo's with gentle sun-kissed wisps framing your bronzed face is the perfect way to step back on home soil. It shouts fun, playful and absolutely relaxed. The perfect ending to your summer fun.

Post Holiday Musts :

Feeling fabulously tanned, incredibly relaxed and ready to show friends and colleagues just how gorgeous your holiday has made you feel? Now, is the essential time to book in to the salon for a full colour service.

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  Never thought how important it is to book in to the salon after my holidays. I am definitely going to do this every time, I usually have a lovely tan with green hair dyed from the pool.  

Trudie x
  Im off on my hols next week - great advice  

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