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Going Blonde - Get it right for you

Lightening and brightening is the key to maximising your hair potential in spring and summer, think subtle and sun-kissed tousled hues! Ellie Goulding has set a celebrity standard with her ravishing golden locks, but there are lots of shades to choose from if you want to lighten up.


Globally, the single biggest hair trend over 2013 and 2014 is the celebrity favourite "Ombre Lightening". Cheryl Cole has recently opted for the complexion-flattering, lightening trend and uses a combination of blonde tones to run through her hair. Her stylist has created a natural looking sun-kissed colour that is relatively low maintenance.

Platinum Blonde

Are you ready to take your blonde hair to another level? Platinum blonde works best with sharp and structured hairstyles - think short blunt bobs and side swept pixies. Maximising your platinum potential is simple, it's all about the condition and tone of your hair.


Blake Lively is the queen of blush blonde - she works natural and effortless beauty perfectly. Blush blonde is created by a mixture of honey, golden and bleachy blonde highlights that run as ribbons through the hair creating an illusion that the sun has delicately fallen and lightened your tresses. Dark, bold brows and gently tanned skin perfect the look.


Golden blondes compliment rosy complexions. Lighter and cooler shades of blonde highlights running through golden locks add a natural, softer and sun-kissed glow. Cleverly placed lightening around the front hairline will frame the face and enhance all skin tones.


Honey lightening will give darker blondes and longer hairstyles the wow factor by adding texture and depth. We recommend that you try leaving darker undertones to create a illusion of shiny, glossy and healthy thick hair. Simple, understated and effortlessly chic!

Caring For Blonde Hair

Problem: Yellow and brash tones appear - particularly in the summer months
Solution: There is a group of blonde hair tones that need plenty of your TLC. Naturally blonde hair has, in most cases, an unwanted tendency to convert to a yellow tone as the pigment begins to return to your hair. All blonde savvy girls use specialist toning shampoos to remove unwanted warmer tones, leaving you with the fresh blonde hair that you desire.

Problem: Hair is dry, damaged and fragile - caused by over processing
Solution: Over processed hair is caused by excess colour and the over use of hot irons! Ring any bells? The two main causes of damaged and fragile hair are heat and chemical abuse! So, slow down on the heat tools – you could ask your stylist for their blow dry recommendations, which may help your heat waves become more effective. We recommend that you work to an intense hair care regime that will restore your hair's natural nutrients and help you to re-balance the moisture levels in your hair.

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