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The New Seasons Take on Hair Colour and Style Trends

Steve Rowbottom, Director, Westrow, Reveals The New Season's Take on Hair Colour and Style Trends, As Seen At Fashion Week A/W17

The New Pony Club

The ponytail is, without a doubt, the biggest hair story of A/W17 and there's a lot of flexibility in how it can be worn this season. Slicked back and severe or softer and less structured, there are so many different ways to wear this simple, versatile style, as we saw at Fashion Week. At Loewe, ponytails were worn low at the neck and high on shine, with a clean centre-parting that was slicked down with gel and worn flat against the head. A similarly restrictive ponytail, with no room for movement, was created at Shrimps, where ponytails were worn tight and twisted to look like rope. Again, a wet-look wax spray created a harsh slicked-back look, with ponytails pinned down to avoid any ‘swish' factor.

The New Parting

Extreme and to one side will be the most on-trend way to part hair this season. At Eudon Choi, hair was worn in wet-look low ponytails with extreme side partings. It was a similar story at Carolina Herrera, where a dose of androgynous styling saw models' hair slicked tightly against the head, pulled back and away from the face, with an extreme far left parting. Want to recreate the look? Straightening irons, a fine-toothed comb and L'Oréal Professionnel's Tecni Art Liss Control Serum, RRP £12.59 are essential. And remember to consider face shape – extreme side partings are a great way to show off razor-sharp cheekbones and angular features, but wear with caution if you have rounder facial features or a softer face shape.

The New Bob

Good news for the scissor-phobic: we saw an emerging trend for faux-bobs at Fashion Week A/W17. At Acne, models wore longer hair tucked in to their neckline, to create faux-bobs, with mousse ‘squashed' in to roots, to create restricted movement. At Roberta Einer models appeared to sport textured curly bobs. Upon closer inspection, models' longer hair had actually been styled in to a double French twist close to the nape of the neck, before rolling under and pinning, to create a faux-bob shape. This is a great way for longer-haired ladies to try out a whole new look, without the commitment of a cut.


The New Neon

The bright and vibrant shades that dominated this summer will continue through to next season, but in a slightly toned-down way. A muted version of summer's all-over highlighter-pen hues, A/W17's palette will be more punky, but equally as daring, with cobalt blue and canary yellow predicted to take over from neon yellow and luminous green. Colour won't be worn all over, as it was over summer. Instead, as seen at Versace, where the models wore brightly coloured extensions woven in to monotone locks, wearing single strips of brightly coloured hair can add just as much impact. Extensions are a great way to try bursts of extreme colour, without the commitment of a colour treatment and without the need for a pre-colour lightening. Temporary colour chalks and sprays are also a non-committal way to try out this fun trend. Keep the rest of the hair neutral, with a colour as close to your natural shade as possible.

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