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Holiday Hair

Holiday Hair - How to avoid hair disasters on long haul flights

For many of us the journey to airport and the impending flight to reach our destination is the start of our holiday. We all have concerns of whether we have packed for every eventuality, if the flight will be delayed and what if our baggage gets lost but fortunately with our essential travel tips and hand luggage must haves for your hair, you will have one less thing to worry about.

Preparation is key

Do a treatment masque in advance of the trip to add as much moisture to your hair as possible. You can also pop some in a travel pot for use during your trip.

If you have natural curls add some serum or oil to the mid lengths and ends of the hair as evenly as possible in advance.

For thick dry frizzy hair brush as much as possible in advance of the flight with a pure bristle brush to stimulate natural oils. This will calm the hair before the flight and it should stay under control.

Essential tips and hand luggage must haves

Handbag size plastic vent brush is critical as you will need / want to brush your hair but bristle brushes increase oil production from the scalp so I wouldn't recommend them for travel.

Soft hair ties – This way you can twist your hair up loosely (if it's past your shoulders). Always where it on top of your head otherwise you won't be able to lay back and get comfy.

Mini can of dry shampoo – It's a great idea to spritz the roots before leaving the plane. The secret is not to touch your hair too much during the flight but it's difficult as you may be taking headphones / sleep masks on and off.

Dual voltage travel wand or styling iron so you can nip into the lounge and do an amazing touch up before that meeting – you can actually pay to use the lounges if you're not a member.

I take my travel dryer which is the size of a hand and dual voltage so I can dampen my fringe and re dry it in seconds, as well as use in the hotel afterwards as the dryers are normally rubbish.

Mini serum or oil to add moisture and seal the ends of your hair if it's gone a bit frizzy during the flight.

I love a small leave in conditioner, you can mist your hair in advance of the flight and let it dry naturally and it will give a nice tousled effect if you have thicker or wavy hair. If you have super fine hair mist before twisting up into top knot as suggested above and when you release it will add a bit of movement that you can firm up with dry shampoo in the root area.

Hair perfume is a must.

I have a little silk pillow slip that I pop the airline pillow into to prevent the static caused from that dreadful fabric.

A cashmere beanie is also a great anti-static solution

If all of the above fails, sunglasses or a headband!

Author: Kala Kilshaw

As a hairdresser that has been designing professional styling appliances for nearly 15 years, Kala focusses on functionality that delivers kind, caring heat with amazing results. This is achieved because each tools componentry is infused with carefully sourced minerals that have natural care enhancing properties. Ego PROFESSIONAL uses technology in clever ways to build condition, control and volume right into the structure of every hair strand. The original hero product was and still is one of the most popular…the ALTER ego hairdryer uses gentle, yet strong infrared, ionic and Tourmaline infused heat to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. It means that with every sweep of the nozzle you are heating the hair from the inside out which shrinks the water molecules but retains moisture so that you get a frizz free and glossy result. Ego Professional is a brand who really knows how to make hair look amazing between salon visits.

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