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Gym hair - Tips for during and after your workout

Gym workouts normally spike just after Christmas for that “January Detox” and also just before the Summer Season to get bikini body ready. Remember though it's not just your body you should be looking after – your hair will also require some TLC to keep it in tip top condition after your workouts.
Here are some top tips for gym hairstyles as well as how to care for your hair post workout.

Buns, Ponytails and Braids

Whether high, low, messy, neat or to the side, these two styles are the staples of any before or after gym session. They are quick and easy to create with just a few grips and snag free bands and just as easy to pull out and recreate quickly.


Tie the hair into a pony tail at the nape or crown and secure it with a snag free band. Use a bristle brush and a spritz of hair spray for a neat look or twist or braid the pony then wrap round the band and secure with another band and grips again for a more polished look. Use your fingers to loosen if you want a more casual feel.


If the ponytail is your usual work out choice and your band tends to slip during the session, a great tip is to spray the hairspray onto your hands before gripping and securing the pony with a snag free band. For extra security, use a small bristle brush and split the ponytail in 2 once the band is in, back brush the hair an inch from the band towards the band which will help secure it, re tighten the ponytail carefully, remove the band then replace.

Post Workout Hair

Treat sweaty hair with a spritz of dry shampoo at the roots, brush it through and crimp a few sections or wear loose with a clasp in a low pony tail for a more quick fix.
Add a few random curls with a wand into the hair after the bun or braid for a more define uniform look, fix with hair spray or salt spray for a more casual look.
Smooth a section into a fringe take over to the side and redo your Bun, pony or braid for a refreshed version of before.

After your workout,if you're having a quick shower and shampooing your hair, ensure you dry your hair thoroughly before using further heat appliances. When the hair is left to dry naturally it becomes more vulnerable to the elements of friction, environment and chemical damage as it is in its most fragile state over a longer period of time rather than drying hair with sophisticated heat technologies, which allows moisture to be retained and the external structure of the hair to harden and form its protective layer. This prevents drying out the condition of the hair unnecessarily

Author: Kala Kilshaw

As a hairdresser that has been designing professional styling appliances for nearly 15 years, Kala focusses on functionality that delivers kind, caring heat with amazing results. This is achieved because each tools componentry is infused with carefully sourced minerals that have natural care enhancing properties. Ego PROFESSIONAL uses technology in clever ways to build condition, control and volume right into the structure of every hair strand. The original hero product was and still is one of the most popular…the ALTER ego hairdryer uses gentle, yet strong infrared, ionic and Tourmaline infused heat to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. It means that with every sweep of the nozzle you are heating the hair from the inside out which shrinks the water molecules but retains moisture so that you get a frizz free and glossy result. Ego Professional is a brand who really knows how to make hair look amazing between salon visits.

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