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Top Tips For A Natural Bridal Make-Up Look

Anna Sorbie, Bridal Hair And Beauty Specialist, Reveals Her Top 5 Tips For Achieving Natural Beauty On Your Wedding Day

Natural make-up is the holy grail of bridal make-up looks, but also the trickiest to achieve. Anna Sorbie, bridal hair and beauty specialist, reveals the secret to looking the most beautiful, natural version of yourself, on your wedding day.

Preparation is key

Make-up can only go so far in making skin appear better, so spend six months in the run up to the wedding really looking after your skin. A good cleansing routine, that is tailored to your own skin type, a regular exfoliation ritual and a daily oil or serum, massaged in to skin for a few minutes before applying moisturiser, are the three basic changes I would advise brides to make to their pre-wedding skincare routine. If you suffer from specific skin problems, such as rosacea, acne or pigmentation, address these with specialist products, professional treatments or laser. If you can afford to, go for a monthly facial. I'd then avoid any treatments or exfoliation in the last few days before the big day, to avoid any potential reddening or negative reactions.

Skin is in

The best way to ensure a bride looks the very best version of herself is to make her skin look as flawless as possible. The key to achieving this is to address skin imperfections. Whether it is open pores, acne, scars or hyper pigmentation, by treating, covering and drawing attention away from the area, the entire face will look instantly better. A good BB cream will deal with open pores and will help to blur fine lines. Spots should be covered with a lightweight foundation and a thicker, creamier concealer. If skin is very inflamed, one with a green tone will neutralise any redness. Similarly, for skin that is heavily pigmented, a camouflage make-up can work to neutralise unwanted dark patches and give a more even tone.

Stay the distance

Primer is an essential part of every bride's wedding day routine, helping to ensure make-up stays in place all day and night. It works like Velcro, gripping to the foundation applied over it. It will also help to minimise imperfections, such as fine lines, open pores, spots and pigmentation. A light dusting of powder, built up more where necessary, will help to reduce shine and set foundation and concealer in place. A setting spray, used once make-up has been applied, will further boost staying power, without altering the appearance of the make-up.

Brow wow

Well-groomed brows, in a shape and style that is most flattering to the bride's face shape, will totally transform their look. The key to making brows look their very best is to book in with a brow specialist such as HD Brows around six months before the big day, for a brow analysis, shaping and advice on brow growth and maintenance. Six months gives you enough time to grow in any sparse areas, or create a fuller shape, with the help of any brow-growth boosting products, if necessary. On the day, use brow powders, pencils and highlighting products to really enhance the brow shape and ensure brows look as naturally defined, full and groomed as possible.

Natural winner

When going for a natural look, the idea is to make the bride look the very best version of them. The best way to do this is to find their best features and really enhance them. If, for example, they have naturally long eyelashes, further enhance them with a lash-building, lengthening mascara. If they have a great suntan, don't hide it with lots of skin products. Use a highlighter, with a warm tone, and a blusher and lipstick with peachy undertones to enhance their colour. Drawing attention away towards to their best features is the best way to look naturally as beautiful as possible.

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