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Amazing Curly Hairstyles for Men to Try Right Now

The hair trends are finally smiling upon men with natural curls. They don't have to hide their unique style under flamboyant hats or drastically cut it out too short. This year, there are plenty of amazing curly hairstyles for men that show off their personal beauty in all its glory.

Curly Undercut

This haircut was inspired by the strict rules regarding the aspect of soldiers in the military camps. However, its modern effect is simply the other way around. It is definitely an adventurous men's hairstyle for an adventurous heart. The undercut might limit the abundance of beautiful flocks of hair, but the top curls re-empower the bold statement of masculinity. It is a modern haircut to tame down the curls with shorter sides. Eventually, men will have to take care of their top hair flocks only which gives them more freedom of action.

Jim Morrison Style

Even though the hairstyle was worn by many restless men before him, Jim Morrison turned this one into an icon. The cuts are offering a seeming transition from one strand to another while respecting a generous medium size that can exceed the limits into long length. Jim might have downgraded his haircut to just a Bobcut with messy layers, but it is in all honesty much more than that. The curls are left by themselves to change the look of the owner in whichever direction the wind blows, which adds up to a carefree and confident attitude. However, you might want to give it some order first with a styling cream.

Slicked Back Curls

This is for the ones that love attention and making a statement of power and also of class. To acquire this style, you can simply let your natural texture play its endearing card while organizing the front fringes to the back of the head. It is required though an efficient hair product to be able to have the hair curls under control for the entire day. Men with longer hair have a more varied array of choices when styling this haircut they can use different approaches in how they choose their curls to sit. However, this kind of haircut doesn't suit any type of facial shape, so it is better to decide whether to go with this style or not carefully.

Curly Side Part

The twenties are having a smashing comeback with the curly side part for men. This kind of hairstyle focuses on the aesthetic corruption of symmetry. These modern, edgy angles maximize the volume on one side, where the curls are taking over the visual concept in a mesmerizing luxury of masculine lines. On the other hand, the second half adopts a clean and tamed stance that gives a certain order for the entire cut. This one is a true retro revival that will assure you the respect of your peers. Make sure though that the curls will be left unaltered on the side where your hair doesn't grow in a whorl.

Boyishly Short

There's no other haircut more honest that a short and sweet one. The Mother Nature can feel really proud looking at how the men let their curls be as she created them. There's no more twist to tame the wavy hair flocks in a certain direction or to make them straight. These are things that deny the nature of a beautiful personal feature.

The short size is perfect to make the cheekbones of a diamond shaped face stand out. There will always be some adorable rebel fringes that will detach from the others which will create a relaxed and casual overall picture. This modern style is for the men who know who they are and are not afraid to show it.
The time has come for curly men to stop hiding their special features and embrace them. The curls will always be part of natural beauty. These five amazing hairstyles for men are proudly highlighting these personal attributes and men should embrace them wholeheartedly.

Author: Olivia Gillmore

Olivia Gillmore is a professional stylist and blogger. She graduated from Art Center College of Design, California. Olivia is a regular contributor at Ė one of the up and coming blogs dedicated to bringing relevant news from the style industry.

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