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Amazing Taper Haircuts for Men

The taper haircut makes all men of all ages look masculine, sexy and rebellious while offering them that clean, neat and trendy fade we all love. The taper is an iconic short men's hairstyle, but it is so versatile in its simplicity, it gets refreshed and reborn with each passing year. 2016 makes no exception, of course. The old taper haircuts got some upgrades as of late.

So no matter if we talk about razor blade fades, hard disconnected tapers, Mohawks and fauxhawks and everything in between, it is still the good old taper that rocks corporate environments, wild parties, hipster gatherings, artistic movements and debonair high-end dates. Today we will take a look at some of the most interesting and amazing taper haircuts for men that you might want to give a try in the nearest future.

The Razor Faded High Pompadour

Sported with pride by Elvis Presley who got his inspiration and some hairstyling tricks from James Dean, the timeless pompadour haircut will never go out of fashion, just like Dean and Presley never will. However, this year we have a mid-razor faded high pompadour that gives a new twist to the concept of “boyish charms” especially when it is paired with a cleanly disconnected (but impeccably trimmed) beard. Such haircut compliments all shades of hair and works great with straight, dense hair, although men with curly hair can have their fun as well with this daring and outstanding taper.

The Double Disconnection Cut Quiff

It takes a skilled barber to achieve this double cut, but a true hairstylist can achieve it with no problems. The straight quiff and the double cut that makes the disconnection striking is the new rage among laid back, young guys who are not afraid to express their complex and stylish personalities. This is not probably the best taper business haircut to show off in a rigid corporate environment, but it is a cut that will certainly make you stand out of the crowd.

The Spiky Taper with an Attitude

Spikes are back in style, and this year they really put on a show – there are plenty of popular spiky haircuts this year and it is hard to choose which one to love best. However, when it comes to tapers, there is nothing that beats a high spiky hairdo with a Billy Idol contemporary flair to it and a clean fade to highlight the top of your head. Styling is quite easy in this case as some hair gel with a wet look turns you into a rockstar in seconds.

The Choppy Fauxhawk

If you remember David Beckham's haircut of 2002, then you know what a fauxhawk is. The superstar sported quite a handful of different hairstyles, but his fauxhawk is iconic even today. The principles of such a cut are simple: the hair on top is left a bit longer than the one at the back so it can be lifted a little with some gel or pomade. The trick is to have your hair on the back increase in length from top to bottom.

But the fauxhawk gets an upgrade as of late, as the choppy hairs on the top can make you look rebellious and daring – so much so that it would make James Dean jealous. The chopped version is also versatile enough to be turned into a different hairstyle altogether, leaving the fauxhawk for the days when you want to make a good impression at the office.

An Avant-garde Temp Fade

How would you go around with your sides and temples shaved almost to the skin but sporting a bowl-style cut on top of your head? Not all men can pull this one off; this is why it is rather rare and works best only with straight, dark hair. Curly hair can make an interesting combination, but you might risk looking like an artist from the sixties. This cut also needs a skilled barber, as it doesn't match all face shapes – but if you can make it, you will look spectacular without any doubt!

What trendy tapers would you love to try? Is one, in particular, appealing to you the most?

Author: Tiffany Brenning

Tiffany Brenning works as a beautician and a freelance writer. After graduating from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Tiffany worked as a make-up artist and hairdresser. Now she writes for helpful advice in regards to style for men.

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