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What Your Hair Colour Says About You

When it comes to thinking about what your hair colour says about your personality it's easy to stereotype; blondes have more fun, redheads are feistier and brunettes are smarter and more sophisticated, right?

But is there actually any truth behind the well-known stereotypes? And where do these character interpretations actually stem from?
First, let's take a look at blondes. When you think of blonde hair, due to media interpretations that have long been engrained within our culture, a few images are likely to spring to mind; the sexually appealing blonde bombshell, such as Bond girl Brigitte Bardot, or the ditsy, dumb blonde, Marilyn Monroe being a prime example. But can blonde hair really make you more attractive, and does hair colour really affect your level of intellect?

Where blonde may be a popular hair colour, it is relatively rare to carry natural blonde hair into adulthood. Where many children may start out life as a blonde, as eumelanin levels in hair increase with age, hair is said to go darker, meaning blonde hair can often fade. It has therefore been suggested, that blonde hair can act as a signal of youth and fertility. Though not scientifically proven, this thread of thought could perhaps provide some explanation as to why blondes are viewed and depicted as sexually attractive, blonde bombshells.

In terms of intellect, hair colour is determined by the level of melanin, or pigmentation present in hair, neither of which have scientific evidence supporting a link to intelligence. Where blondes can therefore dismiss their dumb blonde persona, brunettes may therefore have to put to rest their claim on being the most intelligent hair colour.

As well as in terms of intellect, brunettes' personalities are often placed in comparison to blondes. Where blondes can be viewed as fun and ditsy, brunettes are often depicted in contrast as more sophisticated and smart. Where many studies have been undertaken to prove the personality differences between blondes and brunettes, unsurprisingly, no definitive differences have been pinned down.

Scarcer than either brunettes or blondes lies the redheads, with an estimated 2% of the world's population possessing naturally red hair. Being such a rare bunch, it's inevitable that having red hair will set you apart from the crowd, but does that necessarily mean a strong, fiery personality to match?

The colour red itself holds connotations of anger and passion, both of which have been transferred as personality traits onto those with red hair.Throughout history, these stereotypes have been engrained within our culture, though again, no strong evidence exits to support these depictions.

If you want to discover what your current hair colour really says about you, a new tool is now available online. The tool not only takes into account your hair colour but looks at the prominent colours within your Instagram profile, allowing you to learn what your hair tone and the colours of your social feeds say about you.

Where there's many theories and interpretations of what affect hair colour has on personality, the truth is that your hair colour is what you make it. Whether the stereotypes are proven to be true or not, with a little confidence you can make whatever statement you want with your hair colour.

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