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How to do a good blow dry at home? It is the million dollar question and one which has so many varying factors. Essentially the quality of a home blow dry is dependent on the hair type, the hair cut and the skill of the person blow-drying. Techniques are a plenty and there are most definitely aids that you can use to improve the end result, I would recommend that you begin by following the below pattern and you should also ask your stylist for a little advice that is particularly relevant to your individual hair type.

Cleanse & Moisturise

Begin your home blow-dry procedure with a good shampoo and condition. 2 shampoos should be ample to cleanser your hair and then you should follow with a condition suited to your hair type. We always stress the importance of ensuring that all products are removed from the hair at this stage, try to use luke warm water and this should remove all residue. If products linger in the hair it can have a detrimental effect on your blow dry and they would weigh down your tresses and make the hair look greasy and dirty. Give your hair a quick blast of cold water after rinsing - this pushes down the cuticle and will leave you with smoother hair to blow-dry.

Allow your hair to semi-dry naturally

Do not rub you hair roughly with a towel, pat the excess water from out of your hair and then allow your hair to air dry slightly.

You should be mindful of the damaging effects of brushing wet hair.Hair is at its weakest when wet and therefore most prone to damage.

Apply a little product

Remember, less is more! Carefully select the product that is most suited to your hairtype - there are many different blow-dry lotions available to suit straight hair that needs volume, to suit curly hair that needs definition and to suit frizzy hair that needs control. Whether a serum or a cream, apply sparingly and leave to soak into the hair. There is no reason why you shouldn't cocktail hair products to benefit from varying hair solutions.

Choose the perfect brush and tools

The correct styling tools are instrumental in your blow-dry. If you have a fringe that is difficult to smooth you may require a different sized curly brush that what you use on the rest of your hair, there is no denying that if you have frizzy hair you need a last minute once over with the straightness. Invest in your tools and keep them in good condition. Do not make the mistake of using the same hairbrush for 10 years! Just like shoes become worn in, so do hairbrushes.

Perform the blow-dry

Blow-dry your hair accordingly - we always recommend that you take advice from your stylist who will understand your individual hair type and can direct you on how to tackle it. Always use a nozzle to ensure a smoother blow-dry and avoid holding the hairdryer to close to the hair. After completing your blow-dry, you should use the cold air that is usually available on the dryer, holding the nozzle downwards, blow cold air from the routes to the tips. This again seals over the cuticles and will hold the style for longer.

Finish with the appropriate finishing product

A little bit of serum or a dose of molding paste are the finishing touches that should be added to keep your blow-dry looking professional and long lasting. They are the final elements to controlling your look and keeping it polished and healthy looking. People often miss out this final touch - don't! It is the icing on the cake and well worth the investment.

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