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Disguising Dirty hair

Dirty hair is not always such a bad thing. There are times when dirty hair is just perfect to create the ultimate updo or a real tousled, lived in look that is all the rage currently. It is good to wash your hair less often so why not get creative with styles that embrace unwashed hair. If you have excess oil visible, that is less wanted then follow the tips and tricks that will disguise this for you.

Tip 1

Dry Shampoo - dry shampoo is every girls best friend and particularly if they suffer from an oily scalp. Dry shampoo can be found on the shelves of each supermarket and drug store, simple to use just spray it directly into your roots to soak up the extra oil giving you an extra day of unwashed hair. Be aware dry shampoo is available for blondes or brunettes which prevents any unwanted powder visible on the crown. If all else fails and there is no dry shampoo in the house then reach for the baby powder, not as effective as the dry shampoo but it soaks up the oil in an instant.

Tip 2

Pony disguised - a back swept pony tail is a secret weapon when you have dirty hair. The roots are smoothly swept back and the less effected sections of hair at the mid length and ends are visible and swishing away. This is a fast and simple style to create that can be used from day to night.

Tip 3

The Hat Trick - have a collection of fabulous scarves and hats if you are constant offender of dirty hair. Not only do they disguise even the most outrageous hair but they can actually enhance an outfit and be a real compliment to your wardrobe. It is well know that festival girls keep hats at the top of their kit lists, the hat will disguise a whole multitude of hair sins and purely show the lower area of the hair that is generally looking considerably less dirty, greasy or rain damaged.

Tip 4

The Section - the biggest offender of dirty hair is the most visible. Take the small section at the front on top and leave free whilst you clip the rest of your locks back into a pony tail. The free section is then available to wash and style giving you a fast option for a clean and restyled look!

Tip 5

The front section around the parting and hair line is generally the most likely section of the hair to become dirty as this is the area that you touch with your hands regularly. Day old hair should only need to be pinned back or braided to keep this section slightly disguised.

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