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Repair The Damage.

There are times when our hair feels ir-repairable. Damage is visible and there is no hiding the torn ends, the frizzy dry locks and the breakage. Damage is caused from so many every day hair battles, even the weather plays havoc with our hair. Maybe you have performed a home colour that has gone drastically wrong or perhaps you fancied a change and decided to switch your hair colour from red to blonde! Damage to your hair is in some circumstances unavoidable and the only way to move is forward. Yes, ofcourse even the most damaged hair can be repaired - patience, time investment and a new attitude towards your locks are imperative.

Product Investment

Invest in a hair mask to strengthen and add moisture to your locks. This will be one of the best hair investments that you will make and will be game changing to your damaged locks. Take advice from stylists and read the reviews on these products before purchasing, most importantly ensure that the product is suited to your hair type. A deep conditioning hair treatment penetrates the cuticles and repairs the hair from within, to begin with, you may need to use the mask on every occasion after washing. As time moves on and your hair becomes less damaged you should only need to use the mask weekly as a more preventative and moisture boosting product.

Salon Treatments

Visiting your salon for a treatment is always advisable, whilst you can treat your hair at home, there is something to be said to the stronger blast of treatment that can be performed in the salon. You can kick start your hair repair programme with a more intense salon treatment and then maintain at home. After every colour treatment you should treat your hair to an in salon boost.

Gently Does It

Hair always requires TLC but when it is in need of repair you should be even more cautious. Using a towel to pat your hair dry rather than roughly drying it is always a good start. Don't yank through your tresses with a comb, instead use a detangling solution and a soft hairbrush and slowly tease any difficult areas.


Whilst your hair is in need of repair, be more mindful than ever of the damaging effects of excess heat. You will notice a fast and significant improve in the condition of your hair if it is not dried out through being subjected to intense heat.

Chop It Off

Worst case scenario however in some instances this is utterly unavoidable. There are times when you have to assess your hair and make the decision as to how badly in need of repair it is. Is there a chance that you need to remove all damage and begin again - there is a possibility that this may be a faster and much more effective way of resuming your hair to good condition. Consider hair extensions and clip-ins if necessary.

Lay Off The Colour

Opt for darker colours if you really must colour your hair. Avoid colouring unless absolutely necessary, particularly lightening products which are the cause of so much damage. A good piece of advice would be to adapt your colour to ensure that you only have to colour re-growth at the root. You will most certainly reap the hair rewards.

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