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Avoiding Damage to your hair

We are all aware of the effects of heat, chemicals and sunlight on our hair but damaged hair is an enormously wide spread problem and in so many instances can be easily avoided. Whilst salon and pharmacy shelves are bursting with corrective products to repair the damage we should be familiar with the changes to our daily hair routine that can prevent the damage occurring in the first place. Split ends and a dry, chewy feel are the most noticeable symptoms of damaged hair, you may also notice that your hair is breaking off and not growing. By following these steps the damaged can be easily avoided.

1. Heat

It is all to easy to automatically reach for the straighteners and to rely on the curling wand, even your trusted hairdryer can cause no end of damage if not used properly. Try to limit your styling tools to special occasions and discuss with your stylist different ways that you can wear your hair without too much emphasis on the use of tools. Over drying and holding your hair dryer to close to your hair is un-necessary and will frazzle even the healthiest of hair. There are some fabulous styling products out there. Let them work their magic.

2. Over washing

Each time you wash your tresses you strip vital nutrients from your hair, these are key to keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. Try to wash your hair less often, be sure to use a sulphate free shampoo and always use a good conditioner, finishing with a quick blast of cold water to seal the cuticle and minimise split ends.

3. Over brushing

Contrary to popular belief, brushing your hair to often can be harmful and will also increase levels of sebum to the scalp. Use a good hair brush and limit brushing to twice a day if possible. Back combing is another major cause of breakage and yet hugely popular at the moment. Instead of putting this stress on your locks you should increase the volume in your hair by using suitable styling products, blow-dry with a big round brush and ask your stylist to show you the professional way to back comb. (trust us - there is a less damaging way!)

4. Harsh chemicals

Over processing with colour, chemical straightening and perming has repercussions - be aware of this and only subject your hair to these chemicals when absolutely necessary.

5. Missing your regular trim

Polished and well maintained hair always looks healthier. Whilst your regular trim will not mean your hair grows any faster from the routes, it will banish split ends and improve your over all hair health.

6. Miss use of colour

It can be very appealing to take care of your colour at home, however, if you are looking to change tones or perform any more than a quick route touch up we seriously recommend a visit to the professional. Home hair dying can have devastating results.

7. Sunlight and chlorine

This combination is particularly hard to avoid at certain times of the year, during intense sunshine keep your hair covered with a hat and before swimming give your hair a blast of cold water to re seal the cuticle. This allows less chlorine in therefore far less destruction. Sun care ranges are widely available that protect against UVA & UVB, these are hugely significant to the health of your hair.

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