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6 Simple rules to make your hair colour last longer

Colour fade is a huge hair concern. After deliberating over your ideal colour and committing to a lengthy - and often costly - visit to the salon, you expect to let you colour and hair do the talking.

As colours have become more intense, richer and more vibrant they are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. After only a couple of washes many people find their colour starts to fade or change significantly. Reds are the worst culprit for fading, whilst brunettes can become wishy-washy and blondes more brassy.

Here are six simple rules to make your hair colour last longer:

1. Always have a colour saving treatment immediately after your colour has been applied

This is not a gimmick - this helps to lock in the colour pigment and prevents the colour escaping.

2. Always use shampoo & conditioner designed for colour-treated hair

It will have less harsh chemicals inside that would strip the colour from your hair. Would you wash your brand new dry clean only dress with fairy liquid? The same principle applies.

3. Wash your hair less often

The more often you wash your hair the more colour will be removed from it. In this instance, dry shampoo is a godsend.

4. Protect your hair from chlorine and UV rays

Both of these are particularly damaging to colour. There are many different protection sprays that contain UVA & UVB protection, as well as protecting against chlorine. Try to avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight, a hat is always useful, otherwise coat your hair in a deep conditioner or treatment for the day.

5. Keep the water as cold as you can stand

Admittedly, this is a bit tricky if you wash your hair in the shower! However, the warmer the water, the wider it will open up the hair cuticles giving the colour pigment more opportunity to escape and increasing colour fade. Cold water keeps cuticles closed and the colour in.

6. Invest in colour pigment shampoos, conditioners and treatments

These are an essential investment if your hair is red or vibrant. Red and other vibrant hair colours benefit from colour pigment boosts between salon visits to keep looking their best. Blonde hair may need a gentle violet tone to remove any brassy colours and brunettes can keep their colour rich, glossy and full of depth.

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