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Down With The Frizz: Simple Ways To Achieve Smooth, Sleek Hair

By Benjamin Shipman, Marketing Director, Kebelo

You don't have to apply mountains of product or sizzle your hair with searing hot straighteners to gain a sleek and shiny mane; just follow a few simple tips and enjoy smooth and straight locks, all year long.

1. Look after your hair

While it may seem obvious, when it comes to your hair, you really do get back what you put in, so treating it roughly will result in wilting locks. Chemical processing, harsh products, exposure to the elements and excessive heat can all cause pesky frizz. So start by treating your hair with care and using gentle products that won't brush it up the wrong way (quite literally). Always remember to handle your hair carefully too, whether you're brushing, drying or tying it up – no more elastic bands!

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2. It's what's inside that counts

Yes, we know it's easier to grab whatever shampoo, conditioner or product looks the best on the shelf, but it's important to take notice of what's actually inside the bottle. You wouldn't fill your body with food containing tons of nasty chemicals and expect to radiate health, so it's important to treat your hair with this same attitude, too. The more natural the product ingredients, the better: look out for jojoba and argan oils, which are renowned for their shine-giving properties. Jojoba, in particular, increases elasticity, seals in moisture and prevents dryness, while argan oil deeply nourishes, encouraging hair growth and even mending split ends – a major contributor to frizz. And don't underestimate the power of proteins; soy protein strengthens and mends hair fibres, improves texture and increases the hair's ability to retain moisture, while keratin – the buzz-word in many a frizz-fighting treatment – has the ability to fill cracks along damaged areas in the hair shaft, strengthening the hair, while increasing elasticity and volume, as well as increasing moisture, restoring body and lustre and increasing manageability.


3. Clean and condition

Use a mild and gentle smoothing shampoo such as Kebelo SILK Shampoo, which contains the superfood ingredient quinoa, nourishing amaranth and chamomile to give hair a deep clean, smoothing and strengthening each strand for frizz-free, shiny hair. After washing slather on Kebelo SILK Conditioner, paying particular attention to the bottom half of your hair, and using sparingly on the roots. Pop on a shower cap and leave to work for 5-10 minutes to really allow it to penetrate into the hair follicle and infuse each strand with hydration. When stepping out of the shower, use a detangling hairbrush such as the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash (available in a great multi-pack offer with shampoo on or a wide-toothed comb to gently ease out any knots without breaking or damaging the hair, and then pat dry.

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4. Fight the frizz

We've already mentioned the damaging effects that excess heat can have on your tresses, so be sure to spritz on a heat protecting spray before using a hairdryer or straighteners. Or look for products that offer heat protection and anti-frizz properties in one, such as Kebelo SILK Anti-Frizz Cream, which contains a unique cocktail of ingredients to repair and revitalise from within.

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5. Blow-dry

For smooth hair that still retains its bounce, use the pointed nozzle on your hairdryer and a medium-sized round boar-bristle brush. Create tension by wrapping the hair over the brush and smoothing with the dryer, pointing the attachment downwards as you go to create a sleek look. Finish with a blast of cold air to ‘set' the look and minimise any flyaways.


6. Try something longer-lasting

If you're time poor, or simply want a longer-lasting solution to a fluffy mane, consider a salon smoothing treatment for a more ‘permanent' solution. Kebelo ADVANTAGE is a fast, easy and affordable way to gain smooth, glossy and manageable hair. The three-part system, which uses Carbocysteine smoothing technology, works on each and every hair strand, adding strength, giving support and boosting shine. The best part? The treatment lasts up to 100 days, equating to weeks of extra time in bed on a morning, and no more panicked, "what will my hair look like?" moments when it rains. A win-win all round.

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